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Refugees Account for Shockingly High Number of Terrorism Investigations in the USA

Before he was fired, FBI Director James Comey made an astounding revelation to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

When asked about the number of ongoing terror-related investigations, Comey explained that there were about 2,000 ongoing terrorism investigations in the USA right now. About half were focused on home-grown terrorism, and half on terrorism connected to outside groups. However, the most surprising statistic that Comey revealed was that a full 15% of those terrorism cases involved… Muslim Refugees.


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That’s 300 cases out of 2,000.

To say that refugees disproportionately make up the people being investigated for terrorism would be the understatement of the year. (By the way, an even greater proportion of these terrorism cases simply involve non-refugee Muslims. Why is it that Muslims make up the overwhelming majority of terrorism investigations? Are they being racially profiled? Or is the most likely answer that Islam leads its adherents to violence? I think you know the truth.)

Here’s what Comey told Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC).

COMEY: [W]e have about 1,000 home grown violent extremist investigations and we probably have another 1,000 or so that are — I should define my terms. Home grown violent extremists, we mean somebody — we have no indication that they’re in touch with any terrorists.

[SEN] TILLIS: Any foreign touch. Right.

COMEY: Yes. Then we have another big group of people that we’re looking at who we see some contact with foreign terrorists. So you take that 2,000 plus cases, about 300 of them are people who came to the United States as refugees.

Not only did Comey reveal that 15% of the terrorism investigations involve refugees, he also told the Senate that 100% of those refugees came from the nations that were on President Trump’s travel ban list. 100%!!

In fact, when he told this to Congress, the liberal Senator from Hawaii who asked the question seemed stunned and told Comey just to get her the specifics later (outside of the public hearing).


Whoops! Senator Hirono obviously has never heard the courtroom axiom, never ask a question you don’t know the answer to. In trying to make President Trump look foolish she actually reaffirmed everything that the President has said!

Way to go Senator! Even if it’s not what you meant to do…

You can watch the entire hearing below:



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