Reformed Democrat under Scrutiny about Marriage Views

Some of you may not know much about Mike Pence. He was at one time a volunteer for the Democratic Party and even purportedly voted for Jimmy Carter in 1980. Thankfully Ronald Reagan and Jesus entered his life. As a result we have a Vice-President who seems to not be scared to make the tough decisions like breaking the tie to defund Planned Parenthood and state sponsored abortion.

Recently the Washington Post did an article on Mike Pence’s rule to not EAT ALONE with a woman who is not his wife. To their credit, they did sort of acknowledge the valid reasons for such a policy. Which means that they remember Bill Clinton. The part of the article that I find ironic was:

“It also fuels the myth that loads of women are waiting around to falsely accuse powerful men of rape, a situation that has occurred, but is rare and often used to discount real sexual trauma.

Apparently they don’t understand that a myth is NEVER true.

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They evidently do not also realize that if both men and women, not just husbands and wives, had the old-fashioned values of not being alone with someone of the opposite sex, this world would be a better and safer place.

Does it mean that crime would disappear? NO. Does it mean that date rape would decrease dramatically? Maybe. Would teen and unwanted pregnancy decrease? Probably.  Would it cure all of society’s ills? NO. But it undoubtedly gives the Pence’s a stronger marriage. They have been wed for over 3 decades now. (There are no Lewinskys haunting him)

I guess it is difficult for people whose job description requires that they wallow around in the mud, dirt and filth of humanity to understand respect, fidelity and kindness. Maybe it is not that they disrespect the Vice-President, but they fear what they don’t understand. It is hard to understand a person with morals when you have none to speak of.

For those who are losing their minds and saying that this means that women can not work for or with him- Really? You are obviously missing the concept and reading into this what YOU want to hear and not what was said. Besides that, I imagine the only time Mr. Pence gets a moment even kind of alone these days is with his wife and even then Secret Service is lurking around somewhere.

I work with women all day long. I do not take them out to lunch or dinner. We still work together. We do NOT lock ourselves up in a room alone. It is not called for or required in my, or hardly any, line of work except maybe brothels in Vegas.

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