Reebok Claims POTUS “Sexist” While Exploiting Scantily Clad Models in Advertising

More often than not, the shallow and baseless attacks of the left are mired in such shameless hypocrisy that they cannot be taken seriously.  Such is the case with the latest assault on the President by sports-gear manufacturer Reebok.

The company, who is famous for capitalizing on gimmicky shoe “innovations” such as The Pump, recently took up the trendy liberal stance of “resisting” the President of the United States in just about any way possible, no matter the circumstance.  In reality, this carte blanche opposition is nothing more than a hinderance for the nation as a whole, and cannot possibly be focused in order to stymy only President Trump.  Nevertheless, companies such as Reebok are hoping that their millennial-targeting publicity stunt will gain a few new customers for the has-been brand.

Unfortunately for the sneaker company, what they are claiming about the President is something they themselves have been guilty of for decades.

“President Trump created a stir amid his political opposition when he was reported to have told French first-lady Brigitte Macron: ‘you’re in such great shape’.   Apparently, according to the ever-pliable rules of the virtue signaling political left, it is ‘sexist’ to compliment a woman on her physical appearance.

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“Of course it didn’t take more than a news cycle for yet another corporate entity to jump head-first into the opportunity to attach their own brand-image to anti-Trumpism.  [Adidas is the parent company of Reebok]  The hypocrisy behind this opportunistic marketing endeavor/virtue-signaling is stunning.  Here’s the tweet from Reebok:

Yet, here are just a few of the tamer advertisements that Reebok is currently running:


“Somehow using a woman’s physical shape to create a marketing brand is ok. But pointing out a woman’s physical shape, born out the success of applying that marketing brand approach as an outcome, is… well, ‘inappropriate’.

“Tell a man he’s in great shape and it’s no big deal; no-one would even think twice of it.

“Tell a woman she’s in great shape and it’s an immediate crisis.

“Yeah. Gender equity. Huh?”

Reebok’s ridiculous double standard has fully nullified their political Twitter faux-pas with a quickness…something that the short attention spans of millennial slacktivists may miss entirely.

Once again, we have a cringe-worthy reach of an accusation by a company who is solidly outside of the political spectrum.  The move is such an obvious ploy for attention in a world mad with hate for President Trump that it would be egregious for the free press to ignore it.  Reebok’s European ad series goes even further as well, utilizing fully nude female models in order to capture the attention of onlookers in some of the most sexist ways possible.


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