Redditors Call for CNN Boycott, Make Massive List of Affiliated Advertisers

CNN’s latest egregious attack on American freedom has incensed a huge swath of the population, not the least of whom are the Reddit users at the center of this recent controversy.

From the moment that President Donald Trump entered the 2016 electoral race, CNN has set out to lambast, defame, and stymy the real estate mogul at any cost.  Now that Trump has taken the Oval Office, the network has seemingly doubled down on their “resistance” to the fairly elected Commander in Chief, drawing Trump’s personal ire in a series of marked attacks on the credibility of the network.  As it turns out, Trump’s huffing and puffing over CNN’s purported shortcomings was well-founded, as the network has turned to unscrupulous behavior in recent weeks in an effort to stay relevant.

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First, CNN ran a story with unverifiable sources regarding Donald Trump’s alleged connection to prostitutes in Moscow, complete with descriptions of the lewd and unsanitary acts that the President would engage in with these working Muscovites.  Regardless of the network’s overwhelming lack of evidence in the case, CNN published it anyway, breaking one of the largest laws of journalism.  Now, after CNN threatened to reveal personal information about an American citizen who created a parody graphic on the internet that shows Donald Trump fighting with a CNN-headed person, much of America is up in arms over the network’s possibly illegal extortion.

Reddit, a social internet site with sub-pages dedicated to any number of interests, has banded together to fight back against CNN’s abuse of power and extortion of an American citizen who was simply expressing his political views, publishing a list of CNN advertisers who shall be boycotted to call attention to the network’s unacceptable behavior.  Furthermore, the list provides easy access to the official social media accounts of these advertisers, allowing boycotters to engage with these companies to let them know that CNN’s behavior will be affecting their bottom lines.

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CNN has yet to issue an apology for the bullying behavior, likely due to their continued struggles to tame Trump and his supporters.  By doubling down on their brazen attack on the freedom of expression, the network has revealed just what a fragile state they are in after sustained attacks by the Trump administration.  It would certainly come as no surprise should the network be denied press access to the White House in the near future.

This weaponizing of the mainstream media is terribly disturbing, and a tactic often used by desperate despots in countries without the Constitutional fortitude that we are graced with in America.  CNN has taken their “journalism” too far, and is now simply fueling the New Civil War that former CNN personality Kathy Griffin has also instigated via her ISIS-like propaganda.

Should you wish to participate in the boycott of CNN over this ridiculously unacceptable stunt and bullying of an American citizen, you can see the entire list of CNN advertisers right here.


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