Hollywood ruckus

Red Lights in Liberal Hollywood Over the Oscars Weekend

While the cameras were capturing what was going on in front of the crowd, they were missing the action behind the scenes…

When bigtime political conventions come to town, like those held during the election years by the Democrats and Republicans, the number of prostitutes in town rises.

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Dramatically. It’s like a river in a flash flood whose waters spill over its banks, drench the surrounding areas, and then recede almost as quickly.

Sex workers looking for big money flock to the men with the deep wallets. Some of the most influential men in the country gather together into a dense cluster during political conventions. Their egos need to be stroked.

The same thing is true for Hollywood over Oscars weekend. When the world’s most successful movie stars come to town, it’s no coincidence that prostitutes swarm the region.

But it’s not just the big A-list stars. There are lots of people who work behind the scenes to makes movies happen who are paid a lot of money for their talents. We never see their names or their faces.


A recent article by a British tabloid exposed the carnal cravings of the men who make the movies we love.

Just look at some of these raunchy quotes:

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