Roy Moore

The Reason to Vote for Roy Moore

I’m a religious teacher … a life coach … a spiritual guide. I’ve led over 2000 to permanently end an addiction ( I’ve shown many people how to have peace and clarity and strength based on scientific proof on how to do that ( I’ve shown people how to experience confidence about death (

Now, would how I lived 40 years ago give a person confidence that I could help them in any of the ways I just mentioned? No. I was addicted to a number of things. I lived an immoral life, mainly as a “rock star” ( I was confused, unsettled in my heart and mind and having a hard time. But people can grow, especially if they work hard on it, and so I did. I finally found the solutions to my problems and have been living in peace, and with clarity and confidence since 1983. And my main inspiration for 35 years has been to help others find the solutions that I did.

Now I’m not saying that Roy Moore did all the things that he’s been accused of, because he denies them. But what I’m saying is, where is Roy Moore now? And where has he been for decades? He’s been standing for the things that are important to Christians and conservatives. In fact he’s taken a lot of heat for doing that and has even lost jobs.

Therefore, can he be relied upon to be able to represent conservative values. You bet. On the other hand, can his democrat opponent be counted on in the same way? Absolutely not.

So what is important in this election is: what would the outcomes be for electing Roy Moore? Would he represent your values and help move the president’s agenda forward? Absolutely. Do you care what a plumber did 40 years ago … or that he could resolve your plumbing problem?

Therefore in that sense, it is crucial that Roy Moore be elected, because it is critical that Donald Trump’s agenda be enacted. The trickery of the evil democrats (as they are often known to do) should not be allowed to derail Roy Moore being elected. And that’s mainly because of the real outcomes IN THE PRESENT that that could cause.

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