“Really British” Store Faces Leftist Hate, Called Racist [MUST SEE]

The memorabilia/souvenir shop, “Really British,” faces harassment, insults, and slander.

What is the offense of naming a store in England that sells British stuff, “Really British”?

Personally, it sounds like the kind of thing I might find tacky, whether as a tourist over there or as an American who encountered this country’s equivalent kind of souvenir shop. When I travel, I typically don’t buy such regional items. That’s just me.

But I think my reaction to stuff I don’t care about or even find somewhat tacky is normal: Don’t like a shop? Then don’t bother to go into it or pay attention to it.

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But the Moronic Left cannot live that way, as we’ve seen before.

The latest news was that shop owner Chris Ostwald purchased a Jaguar painted as the Union Jack to advertise for his business. Again, tacky. But so is most publicity and advertising. According to the U.K.’s Sun, someone put anonymous notes on it saying, “Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.”

The Sun describes these notes as “abusive.” Being a free speech absolutist, I wouldn’t describe them that way. It’s not like Ostwald purchased a plane seat or a ticket to see a musical and got the experience he paid for robbed from him.

But the libels and slanders associated with the attack on him are more serious, as are the cultural implications.

He said that he felt like classically British products were being pushed to the back of shelves, even in local Sainsbury’s.

He told Ham & High: “They’ve been pushing continental things for so many years that I feel like we’ve lost our identity and need to get it back.”

But he said he did not mean to have a political stance.

The 54-year-old said he had been left shocked by the backlash he has received, which included members of the public coming into the store in north London’s Muswell Hill, telling him he was racist or complaining on social media.

The backlash was so intense that he was forced to take down his Union Jack flags on the shop’s opening day.

He said that the abuse had been so bad that one of the female assistants, who is Spanish, had to walk out just after one day from the attacks.

The slogan, “really British” is not in any way, shape, or form, racist. That is simply a lie. But the Moronic Left feeds on it as an essential nutrient. The American Moronic Left is the same, as is seen every minute by instances of Trump Derangement Syndrome. A person who wants to sell British-themed kitsch merely is trying to profit from a market opportunity. If the Brexit controversy presented such an opportunity, that proves nothing about Ostwald’s politics, let alone his racial beliefs.

Why wouldn’t Brits whose ancestors arrived more recently on the island want to buy such stuff? Presumably, when they immigrated to England they did so because they viewed Britain as a good thing. Notice, we hear no accusation that the store mistreats racial minorities among its customers. This doesn’t prove that Ostwald is an enlightened diversity proponent. It just shows that the market is an equalizer; our money is all the same.

The Moronic Left continually presents us with a vision of the past in America and Britain when one could be “called out” as unpatriotic for not showing sufficient zeal as a flag waver. I don’t know how accurate that vision of history is, but the Moronic Left is accurate in showing us what their own goal has been all along. They wanted a country where people, like the owner of “Really British” could be demonized and marginalized.

They don’t want tolerance but to have the power to be intolerant.

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