Real Airborne Illness or Media Hype

My family lives in Georgia. There are some huge advantages to living here. Frostbite is as rare as the Hope Diamond. Waffle House and Krystal are open 24/7 and you can’t get much better than that.

There are, however, some real disadvantages. The CDC (that’s the Center’s for Disease Control for those of you who don’t watch the Walking Dead)  is located here, and that is not a surprise because we seem to have outbreaks of strange viruses often. Of course, if I was a conspiracy nut, I might tell you it was because of the CDC.

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The latest is hand, foot and mouth disease. According to, the West Central Health District located in Columbus,GA says there have  been several cases reported.

Oh Joy! Oh Rapture! As if head lice, snotty noses and detention weren’t enough to worry about when sending your kids to school.

I won’t send you in a rushed panic to empty Wal-Mart of Lysol by posting pictures of the nasty sores associated with this virus. Also, note that WebMD says it’s not serious. Anyone can catch it, but mostly it hits kids under 10. You know, the age group that handles a scraped knee as if you had just chopped off their entire leg, so NO BIG DEAL!!!

Early symptoms include a fever and sore throat. Great, because that will  narrow it down. I mean, there are only a couple of hundred other illnesses that start out the same way, diagnosis should be a cake walk.

Also kids are ONLY contagious for the first 7 days. What’s a week of walking around being the typhoid Mary of Pre-K going to hurt?

Oh, and don’t worry, the treatment is over the counter meds (no pesky prescriptions for you- I wonder if ObamaCare covers OTCs) and popsicles!!!

WARNING: No Aspirin!!! Fever+Aspirin= BAD

Even better, it is RARE that it causes inflammation of the heart, lungs or brain. You probably have a better chance of hitting the lottery.

Well, my wife has what appears to be a cold sore, BUT just to be safe, I think I am going to spike her Chapstick with Clorox and avoid her for a week or two.

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