Are You Ready for a New Carbon Tax?

President Donald Trump has built a following of people by promising many things. He promised so many things that most people wondered what he would really do. He said he would build a really, really big wall and send Mexico the bill. He promised to drain the DC swamp and send lobbyists packing. He said he would pick the most qualified Supreme Court Justice ever. He went on to state that both money and jobs would be coming home from their overseas hideaways. To the surprise of many…he is well on his way to fulfilling many of those promises.

One thing he never mentioned was raising taxes. He actually promised a massive tax cut. Even more specifically, he didn’t mention imposing a carbon tax to incentivize green energy practices.

Donald Trump and his Administration have jumped out of the gate like a colt in the Kentucky Derby charging down his list of campaign promises.

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That has left his enemies on the left reeling. They are in such disarray they are quite literally falling into name calling and rock throwing. Violent protests are becoming common. Trumps supporters on the right are giddy as they’ve never seen someone get after it with such abandon.

So, that is why it is such a head scratcher that he has an advisor who is in love with the carbon tax. When Elon Musk of Tesla and SpaceX fame and an ardent Hillary supporter, was invited into the administration in an advisory role, it made no sense. Then he advocated for Trump to adopt a carbon tax which worries me.

I would have expected this from Hillary, but not from Trump. I’ve written extensively on Musk and his grandiose promises. He is simultaneously selling tickets to a future colony on Mars and claiming that real Martians sabotaged a rocket that blew up on the launch pad last year. He is a snake-oil salesman for the ages. None of his companies produce viable products. They are addicted to government money.

Without the hundreds of billions from government sources propping up Musk’s empire, we wouldn’t even know who he is, let alone worship him as if he is a real Tony Stark. So, when I saw him cozy up to the Donald right away, I knew we had trouble and here it is.

Elon Musk is pushing for a Carbon Tax to incentivize companies to go green. That’s right, the climate change nightmare has made its way into the Trump camp. Musk is accompanied in this plan by none other than new Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Both Tillerson and Musk are pro-carbon tax.

Apparently, if you know how to work the system, things like a carbon tax can work out alright. The tax can be used as a massive source of cash if you can get the right politician to hook you up to bring your company into the green age. Carbon taxes can also work out splendidly to crush your opposition if you happen to be involved in writing the wording of the tax.

Wouldn’t that be convenient if you knew your own strengths and your competitions weaknesses and then exploited that through governmental insider gamesmanship? Sounds like the swamp just got some new residents. Hardly drained at all.

Musk recently orchestrated a White House meeting to push for a carbon tax. Raising taxes of any kind go against what Donald Trump campaigned on. Raising taxes specifically in relation to climate change is the kind of thing I would have expected from Hillary.

Donald Trump would do well to watch out what direction a slick fellow like Elon Musk could take him.


Steve Sherman

Steve Sherman is the Senior Editor at, popular radio commentator, author of five novels, and former Iowa House candidate. His articles have appeared nationally in both print and online for Townhall, Human Events, Clash Daily, Washington Times, Washington Examiner, Red Alert Politics, Forbes, and others. His most recent novel, a political thriller titled Mercy Shot, and all titles by Steve can be found on Amazon or at

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