Read This Deleted Tweet from Jennifer Lopez About #BlackLivesMatter that OUTRAGED Social Media

The Black Lives Matter mantra is everywhere in the news and media ever since the mass shooting in Dallas, which was allegedly precipitated by officer-involved shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota.

What’s not everywhere is the “All Lives Matter” mantra, because that’s racist and politically incorrect.

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Many celebrities have recently landed in hot water for tweeting out their belief that all lives matter. And then they get skewered by their followers for suggesting such a “hateful” and “bigoted” notion.

Following their social media scourging, they then quickly delete the tweet and offer an apology for offending their fans.

One such celebrity is Jennifer Lopez. She hasn’t yet apologized, but once the tweet was posted, and the backlash ensued, she decided to delete it. But not before someone had taken a screenshot of it:

Her followers scoffed: “You always were a white woman, weren’t you?” and “Its sad bc you stole all your hits from black lives @JLo.”

“Now I gotta stop liking ya old a**,” wrote another.

I don’t even know why it’s considered politically incorrect. We’re not diminishing the value of black lives by saying that all lives matter. We’re saying that every life is valuable and precious, regardless of how much melanin is in one’s skin. Somehow that translates into “Black Lives Don’t Matter” or “Only White Lives Matter.”

Speaking of how black lives matter, did you hear the city of Chicago has reached a new milestone? They’ve had about 2,100 homicides so far this year – about 700 more than this time last year. The city is about 72 percent non-white.

If black lives matter – and they do, just as everyone else’s – then why have we not heard anything from the BLM movement about the homicide rate in Chicago, most of which involves blacks?

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