Read the Sign Posted in Target Bathroom That’s Outraged Customers [VIDEO]

A sign posted in a Target bathroom stall cautioned female customers that men can now use the women’s restroom because of the company’s recent policy. The sign left many people baffled and outraged.

The sign was posted in the women’s restroom in a Keizer, Oregon Target. It read:

Attention Ladies:

Target Corp. has publically announced that Men may now use the Women’s restroom (and vice versa), no questions asked.

The sign further implored other customers to “please be cautious” and to “report suspected hidden cameras” and “loitering or peeping individuals.” In addition, it called on parents to “use [their] good judgment about sending children or teens to the restroom alone.”

Target Bathroom

One customer Nathalie Olds found the sign over the weekend and was confused by it, not realizing that it was probably posted by a protester. “I took it as fact. Heterosexual cisgender men were allowed in the bathroom now,” she said.

When she checked Target’s policy on restrooms, she saw that transgender people were allowed to use whichever restroom corresponded to their “gender identity.” Then, she became angry.

She was deeply offended that whoever posted the sign didn’t understand that a transgender man – that is, a woman who “identifies” as a man – is not a woman. She – or “he” – should be allowed to use the men’s restroom. And vice versa.

Olds concluded that the perpetrator responsible for the hateful sign must have been “transphobic.”

“I realized it was obviously somebody who was transphobic or somebody who wanted to basically state that transgender women are men and that’s not ok with me,” she said.

Target is investigating the matter to find out who is responsible for putting the sign up. Meanwhile, Olds said that she will not be shopping at that Target location until she knows for certain that the person responsible for the atrocity is not a Target employee.

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