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Reactions Abound in Case of New York Times’ White House Saboteur

Yesterday, we learned something terrifying about the state of our government, and about the “resistance” to President Trump…namely that some of this obstructionist behavior is coming from the inside.

In a rare opinion editorial in the New York Times, an unnamed member of Trump’s inner circle anonymously admitted that they, and other inhabitants of the West Wing, have been actively working to derail President Trump.  While this may sound like business as usual in the resistance-prone political atmosphere of Washington DC, what was described in the article went far beyond the sort of petty bickering that we’ve seen out in the open.

What we know now about the clandestine chaos of the White House borders on treason;  Staffers plucking documents from the President’s desk as to obstruct his ability to see and sign them, concerted efforts to ignore the wishes of the Commander in Chief outright, and a coordinated effort to generally stymy the Trump agenda…all from the Oval Office itself.

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It is highly unethical, and it only serves to confirm what many conservatives already understood:  There are people out to get the President.

Even John Kerry, democratic deity that he is, described the scene as a “crisis”.

Wednesday on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360,” former Secretary of State John Kerry said The New York Times op-ed critical of President Donald Trump and attributed to a senior White House official meant the United States had entered into “a genuine constitutional crisis.”

Kerry’s full statement certainly had some obvious digs at President Trump, (after all, he is a doting little liberal), but his shock was impossible to feign.

“We see the evidence of people stealing a presidential document off his desk. We see a general, the secretary of defense, ordered to kill another leader of another country who turns to everybody after the phone is hung up and said I’m not going to do that. We’re not going to do that. This is unbelievable. This is a presidency. This is a genuine constitutional crisis. And the crisis is heightened by the fact that my former colleagues in the United States Senate on the Republican side who have taken an oath of office to defend the Constitution and the institutions of our country as a whole, which are embraced in that oath, are defending instead not the Constitution, not the institution in the Senate. They’re defending party and the president who simply doesn’t know what he is doing.”

While Kerry is far from correct when it comes to who is best exemplifying America, he is right about one thing:  This is unbelievable.


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