Rapper “Killer Mike” says Trump and Hillary are “the Same”!

“Killer Mike” is a successful and well-known rapper and entertainer who was particularly vocal about who he would be supporting in the 2016 campaign for the White House. He was a loud and proud Bernie Sanders supporter, and it seems that his passion for the socialist candidate has not diminished since Bernie chose to endorse Hillary Clinton for the role of president.

TMZ recently caught up with “Killer Mike” in the airport where they asked him about his opinion on the presidential race now and about who he’d be supporting in November, which is when “Mike” let loose with some commentary Hillary Clinton fans are sure to hate.

It started with “Mike” saying he didn’t think that Trump was trying to incite violence against Hillary Clinton. He did call Trump “Batsh** Crazy,” but not violent. “I don’t think he was [inciting people], at least I hope that is not what he was saying… He’s batsh*t crazy, but I don’t think he would call for the assassination of another candidate.” He continued by bashing Fox News before attacking Hillary Clinton too.

“If you’re voting Trump or Hillary Clinton, you’re voting for the same thing…When asked if he had decided who he would be voting for, “Mike,” was noncommittal, but he could say for certain that he wouldn’t be voting for either Trump or Clinton.

“I haven’t decided yet, but definitely NOT for him or her…”



While “Killer Mike” and I most certainly have some major differences of opinion on politics and the upcoming election, he at least sounds like he’s educated on the issues. The man might be a flaming liberal, but at least he understands why he believes what he believes… it’s just too bad he’s so wrong. Bernie Sanders was as much for war as Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump and that can be evidenced by Sanders’ voting record.

I’d like to encourage “Killer Mike” to actually spend some time studying conservative positions and our arguments (as opposed to listening to excited pundits on Fox News) and he might come to understand that we are nothing like the caricature painted of us in the media. Small government conservatives are as anti-war as Bernie pretends to be, because we believe that war should only be for defense of the homeland. We are also for the “greater good” because we believe that protecting the rights of individuals is the best way to defend liberty and ensure justice for all people.

While liberals may talk a good game about equality, justice, fairness, and the community… it’s conservative beliefs, principles, and ideas that truly support these ideals.

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