Look at what E.U. Law Enforcement is Focused On While Terrorist Attacks Are Happening [VIDEO]

The Nice slaughter shows how stupid the E.U. is for targeting this group while terrorist attacks multiply.

Mere hours before the horrific truck attack and its trail of corpses, the media reported on the E.U.’s law enforcement priorities as terrorist attacks multiply. Here’s a news video on the international government’s defense of the Europeans from a continental threat:

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Are you kidding me?

While terrorist attacks multiply, the Europeans have to pay taxes to pay bureaucrats to attack a company because they “stiffle” competition.

What great priorities!

The whole idea of a “common market” is to expand freedom, not entangle it in thousands of regulations and court cases. In this case, if Google’s behavior had been objectively defined by law as criminal, they would have probably avoided it. Instead, the E.U. has empowered bureaucrats to use vaguely defined crimes in order to hunt for victims.

Financial analyst Mike Shedlock writes of another case of Google being attacked in Europe:

In a stunning display of stupidity, Spain passed a “Google Tax” that charged news aggregators like Google for showing snippets and linking to news stories. Rather than pay the tax, Google left.

Then, in an amazing twist of irony, the publishers who were in favor of the tax, demanded Google stay.

A study shows Spain’s “Google tax” has been a disaster for publishers.

So Google does seem to obey laws when they are clear. This “Competition Enforcer” can’t be dealt with that rationally.

This is why Google and other companies are motivated to do other things for the E.U., like help them brainwash their people to discount the danger they are in due to the E.U.’s immigration policies. Doing business in the E.U. basically means operating in a constant state of blackmail. While Google culture is liberal, the government in Brussels gives an extra incentive to discourage conversation about how rapes and terrorist attacks multiply from importing Islamists.

This is the delusion of “collective security.” Once the “collective” arrangements are set up, nations lose the ability to do much for their security, as their finances are drained to support a “competition enforcer” and other stupidities.


Joe Scudder

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