Rand Paul

Rand Shows Shades of Poppa Paul With Military Parade Banter

When it comes to Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, the biggest complaint that many have is that he is not his dad.

Ron Paul, the elder statesman of the family, was a larger than life libertarian icon during this presidential campaigns of 2008 and 2012, the latter of which saw the constitutional conservative’s meteoric rise to fame.  During those tumultuous contests, Paul was often seen to be the victim of a rigged system, only adding to the fervor of his fanbase.  In more contemporary terms, Ron Paul was the right wing version of Bernie Sanders during the 2012 contest, at least in terms of passion vs. execution.  He was also responsible for invigorating the republican base and bore a great deal of responsibility for the advent of The Tea Party.

Many of Ron Paul’s ardent supporters had high hopes for his son Rand, a Senator from the Bluegrass State, but were ultimately disappointed by the younger Paul’s tinges of cronyism, particularly when it came to endorsing Republican shill Mitt Romney after his father was foiled in the primaries.

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Now, however, Rand has begun to display some tangible similarities to his iconic father, including in a recent reposes to a proposed military parade concocted by President Trump.

In an editorial written for Fox News, Rand Paul has outlined what he believes would be a more fitting parade, and a far more acceptable set of circumstances from which to present our military to We The People.

“Though the martial image of high-stepping soldiers is not one I tend to associate with our nation’s Founders’ distrust of a standing Army, I’m not against a victory celebration. So I propose we declare victory in Afghanistan, bring home our 14,000 troops and hold a victory parade.

“We defeated the enemy in Afghanistan. We killed or captured the terrorists who planned, plotted, or aided in the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. We killed the ringleader, Usama bin Laden. We disrupted the terrorists’ camps where they plotted and trained. We dislodged the Taliban government that aided and abetted bin Laden.

“The only reason victory is elusive in Afghanistan is that presidents continue to have an impossible definition of victory. If victory is creating a nation where no real nation has ever existed, then no victory will ever occur.”

Rand has, however, stopped shy of the rhetoric of his father, who would likely point to the continued U.S. involvement in the Afghan opium trade as a major contributing factor to our prolonged tenure in the region.

The younger Paul’s veering into full-fledged libertarianism is an excellent start for what will surely be another crack at the Presidency in 2024, and gives us more than a little hope that Rand will let the old man tug on his ear a bit more in the coming years.

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