Radical Political Hacks Have Invented New “Assault” Weapons

A new form of assault weapon has been spotted. While this new weapon has yet to be seen causing any direct physical damage, it has been heard laying siege to liberty. The mind that controls this weapon often displays a dual mind – that is, unstable thought, perplexing non-logic and ill-conceived ideas. These weapons are, of course, political hacks.

A political hack is one who renounces or surrenders individual independence, integrity or beliefs in return for money or other reward in the performance of a task normally thought of as involving a strong personal commitment[1]. (I would add that the task would normally be thought of as requiring a strong personal sacrifice.) Of course, there are quite few other definitions for hack and, amazingly, I can fit most definitions and synonyms within the context of a political hack. However, I am interested in the danger these political hacks pose to my fellow Americans and the liberties guarded by our Constitution. To that end, we need to be able to identify these weapons and expose them for what they are.

Political Hacks never waste a crisis opportunity:

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There was a time when politics would take a back seat to tragedy. But some politicians are indifferent to tragedy and immediately divert attention to an opportunity to progress an individual ideology or agenda. The results are often knee-jerk reactions, poorly thought out, demonstrate a lack of true regard for victims and are devoid of any logical thought.

Political Hacks always put politics over the people:

The inevitable follows when a hack has seized opportunity from tragedy. A political hack is no different than a looter scheming and thieving during a riot. A looter places personal greed over the needs of others, specifically the victim. The politics of the hack are biased, nasty and insulting. The political hack wrongfully accuses opponents to the hack’s agenda rather than the root cause of a tragedy.

Political Hacks want more power:

The hack’s agenda always results in an opportunity to seize greater control.

Political Hacks want more status:

The hack’s agenda always seeks to place oneself in a greater position of status.

Political Hacks need followers instead of constituents:

The hack seeks to evolve constituents into followers. Followers are radicalized believers in the golden agenda. Bribes, in the form of welfare or greater security, will often result in a greater following. Gifted with great powers of deception, the hack omits the detriment of that which is promised. Labels are placed upon those who do expose problems with said promises.

Political Hacks are self-serving:

The actions of a hack are self-serving – every action has the direct intent to preserve oneself regardless of the means to the end.

There is a time for mourning, prayer, vigilance and action. All of these things can, and often do, happen simultaneously. As a civilized, benevolent and compassionate people, we support where we can. Those not involved in on-site relief efforts offer condolences, prayers, written support for survivors, etc. And we thank all emergency response services for their efforts. Then the political hack steps up to the microphone.

There was a time when we expected something different, more pure and heartfelt; something above the fray, above the norm. Sadly, this era of decency was long ago (and unceremoniously) laid to rest in pieces. Decency and compassion were replaced with selfishness, indecency and contempt. Enter, the political hack.

The political hack began to see that which protected individual liberty as a hindrance to the agenda. There was a time when the elect were public servants and humbly accepted the people’s vote as an honor and a directive of principle. Today there is a pretense of humility but the facade quickly erodes and the hack is exposed; there is little honor held in elected positions, rather a vast web of schemes and alliances that only bolster the political hack’s desire for power, status and followers.

Constituents, according to the Constitution, are the source of power for elected servant positions. Yet political hacks need followers, not constituents. This poses a couple of problems for the political hack. The hack will promise constituents all sorts of gifts for handing over more power. If the constituents see a need for welfare – packaged as charity for the poor – that is what the hack promises. The hack’s agenda is repackaged as a solution to all sorts of beneficial bullets – the hack’s ammunition – and fired at opponents so the followers can now identify those who, ultimately, are perceived as threats to their gifts.

There is another interesting phenomena belonging to the political hack’s ideologies. Because the Constitution often resists the hack’s changes, the hack immediately begins an assault on the individual liberties that are protected. These attacks take place at every given opportunity to gain more followers while sending the demonized innocents to the gas chamber. The political hack is an assault weapon targeting any opponent that challenges the unabated jockeying for elite position.

I have been asked, “What does it mean, ‘take our country back?’ Back from who?” The answer is not about a singular who and is agnostic to gender or ethnicity. The answer doesn’t even specify a singular political party. You see, the political hack comes in all colors, both male and female and across all political parties. So, when we say “Take our country back,” we should be specific. We want our country back from the grip of political hacks. They are the weapons that seek every opportunity to shred that which specifically exists to protect our individual liberties, what I have called the Natural Rights. This is why the institution of government exists – at least our Constitutional Republic, to protect those rights.

Political hacks seek to turn any form of government into that which will serve them in the end and the means to that end only result in collateral (and inconsequential) damage. The few that attain the greatest power effectively change a constitutional republic into a fascist oligarchy. Political hacks form a party and generate a cult-like following wherein the cultists immediately believe whatever the hack says. The hack has sidekicks who tow the party line. The hack has financial backing to promote the party line.

Political hacks are the cult of personality that seek to evolve every constituent into a likeness of their own ideology that fits within their own definition and criteria of a safe, ignorant and indulged cultist. The cultist knows no reason, logic or intellect other than what the cult leader feeds them. Everything else is stupid and threatens the cultists’ comfort. The result is millions of cultists seeking to either change opponents’ thinking to fall inline with the cult leader or be silenced.

Cult leaders are masters at what they do. Most of them will have held their position long enough to learn the basic ropes of political activism and political insider trading; to espy the traits and tenets of those with whom they agree. Cult leaders will support those in power over them as long as the opportunity exists to build a greater following for themselves. The greatest tool the cult leader has is deception. They use the distractions of the right hand to facilitate an agenda with the left. Their tongue is forked so that each side of their mouth can perpetuate multiple storylines. Cult leaders must maintain a facade of indignation – one that purports risk of safety, security and welfare – while maintaining the liberties protected by the Constitution are the direct cause for a tragedy. They recognize the cult is made up of individuals whom they would not seek to offend. Instead, the cult leader offends opponents to the agenda, insults the liberties and intellect of the opponent and lays siege to the document that protects those liberties.

Yes, we want our country back. We want it back from the political hack. We, the People, want our country back from the grip of those elite cult leaders who lay siege to our inalienable, Natural Rights. We have the right to a life unharmed by another. It is not the means by which the harm is done, but the hands that are in violation. We have the 2nd Amendment affirming, not granting, the right to keep and bear arms. We have the right to righteously protect and preserve life. To limit one’s defense is to diminish the defense of life.

[1] Dictionary.com – hackhttp://www.dictionary.com/browse/hack.

David Boarman

I am Christian, a husband and a father. Currently, we live in Oceanside, California (which is ironic in so many ways). We moved to San Diego in November, 2011 for a software engineering job. Beginning in November, 2014, I began a journey that has culminated in vast understanding of our natural, inalienable rights. I have converted a Facebook page (formerly for a bid as a presidential candidate). The FB page, Old Guard Federalists, is now about our rights - educate, learn and defend.

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