Radical Left’s VICE Media Continues to Falter With “Secret Purge” Ongoing

There has been no shortage of liberal lunacy permeating the airwaves over the course of the last few weeks, as a purge of perverts reshapes the national media landscape.

Not only have a litany of prominent democrats found themselves on the receiving end of career-threatening allegations, (some with photographic evidence), but the media punditry has found themselves scrambling for salvation as well.  In addition to the bombshell accusations made against longtime newsman Matt Lauer this week, it seems that some of the smaller, fringier media outlets are finding themselves in hot water as well.

Viceland, the ultra left wing “hip” network attempting to be the next MTV, fills their airtime with television programming detailing a number of ways to immerse yourself in stoner culture.  Not only is there a marijuana-themed cooking show on the network, but one of their most popular limited series was simply a collection of high hip hop musicians watching Ancient Aliens while describing their ganja habits.

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Now, the network’s news branch, creatively named Vice News, is coming under fire after a massive shakeup caused by rampant sexual misconduct among the staff.

“Vice Media fired three employees and took ‘disciplinary action’ against an unspecified number of others on Thursday as part of its investigation into allegations of sexual harassment and ‘inappropriate conduct,’ following a report in The Daily Beast last month.

“It was the first decisive action taken since the company announced they would be looking into allegations from over a dozen former and current employees of inappropriate behavior and touching from managers, improper relationships between managers and subordinates, and a culture of indifference to harassment from managers and human resources.

“The firings were a result of findings which ‘ranged from verbal and sexual harassment to other behavior that is inconsistent with our policies, our values, and the way in which we believe colleagues should work together,’ according to a company-wide memo first reported by CNN.

“But what might have been a company public-relations win, turned to fodder for gossip inside Vice offices on Friday—most notably because, despite CEO Shane Smith’s pledge to usher in a new era of transparency, the identities of the fired employees have been kept secret from the public and even from Vice’s own staff.”

This comes as no surprise, as the left has been increasingly eager to sweep this sort of behavior under the rug with a quickness thanks to the nonstop stream of allegations coming in.


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