Radical Left’s Revisionists Now Targeting 225 Year Old Columbus Artifacts

It has been a bad week to be an historical monument in the United States of America thanks to the revisionist terrorism of the radical left.

Nine days ago, Antifa activists descended upon a sleepy college town in Virginia to antagonize bigoted protesters in hopes of having their antics broadcast live on television, and in their pedantic quest for the perfect social media post.  During the Battle of Charlottesville, which was given wall-to-wall coverage on the mainstream media, the radical leftist organization was able to garner the attention of the malleable millennial generation’s social justice sect, sending these trust fund children out into the world with an anti-Confederate agenda.

This is all due to the Charlottesville Antifa terrorists targeting a small band of white supremacists that happened to be protesting the removal of a Confederate statue in the city.  The misappropriation of the Confederacy by white supremacist groups has largely been ignored in the past, as these heinous hate groups treat attention like currency, but young Antifa thugs have repeatedly refused to gain cognizance on the nuances of the issue.  Instead, they hope to garner “likes” and “follows” on Facebook for their disorganized “action” at these events.

Now, the ignorance of Antifa has spread, with radical leftists now destroying 225 year old artifacts related to Christopher Columbus.

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“Left-wing activists and protesters smashed what is believed to be the oldest standing Christopher Columbus statue in the United States; attacking the 225-year old monument with bats and saying the explorer symbolized ‘the initial invasion of European capitalism’ in the Western Hemisphere.

“The vandals posted a video of the incident on social media, assaulting the monument as a narrator outlined the groups grievances against Columbus, who they described as a ‘genocidal terrorist.’

“’White supremacy and the systems that sustain it must be replaced or people will continue to suffer and the planet will continue to die. Part of our evolution as humans requires tearing down monuments to destructive forces and tearing down systems that maintain them,’ says the narrator.”

What few are willing to admit is that these are simply bored college kids who want to be praised for their unhealthy behavior.

These radical leftist shills took a look around their town and saw a monument that they could destroy.  They’ve watched their colleagues gain internet fame for similar antics, and would hate to have been excluded from the social media bonanza.  Unfortunately for history, all that these twerps had available was this Columbus monument, so they were forced to reverse engineer their motives.

It is truly one of the saddest and most pathetic cries for attention we’ve witnessed in the weeks following Charlottesville, but it certainly won’t be the last.

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