Radical Leftists Torch Trump Supporter’s Truck in Oregon!

America in 2018 is becoming a bit of a scary place.  I say this not as a shock or a “hot take”, but as a piece of historical actuality.

You see, given the heavy divide among the nation’s people, America has become two separate worlds, in essence.  You have the left side of things, where leaders of all sort are encouraging the formation of “mobs” and a total lack of “civility” in the political realm.  Celebrities are acting out their filthiest, Trump-killing fantasies before our very eyes, and then the dregs of the liberal base are acting upon those suggestions.

On top of all this, the mainstream media forces are downplaying the vitriol in order to absolve themselves from their role as instigator.

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Such is the case this week in Oregon, where a man’s pickup truck was seemingly targeted for arson by radical leftists on account of his Trump bumper stickers.

Johnny MacKay told KOIN that he left his 2015 Nissan Titan in the parking lot after having drinks at the Garage Bar and Grille Saturday night.

When he came back in the morning, he said, “I saw the tires were melted and the windows were shattered and I was just in shock.”

Video taken by a neighbor shows the truck engulfed in flames. Officials were called to the fire at 2:34 a.m. on Sunday morning.

Photos taken of the truck after the fire was put out show the word “Trump,” written in spray paint on the side of the truck.

Where has the left’s tolerance gone?  Where is their push for the diversity of our nation to remain intact?

The Constitution tells us that all are “created equal”…so why does the left treat conservatives like second class citizens?  Why are they being harassed and attacked?  Why are we witnessing these egregious acts of vandalism.

It’s because the left does not practice what they preach when it comes to freedom…only when it comes to violence.

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