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Radical Leftists Stockpiling Hot Cocoa and Bullhorns For Mueller News

During the year of our Lord 2017, we learned a whole lot about the way that the liberal left operates…and it’s both terrifying and slightly hilarious.

The age of Donald Trump has “invigorated” the left, (“radicalized” is a much more accurate depiction), allowing Americans to fully understand the lengths to which these progressive punks will go in order to disrupt and obstruct the populist President.  It matters not to the dregs of democratic society that Americans overwhelmingly selected Trump to lead us.  Instead, their only concern is making the rest of the nation regret their decision.

That has led to an extreme prejudice against any news that behooves the Commander in Chief, and a blind obsession with things that are to The Donald’s detriment.  Particularly enamored by the liberals are the accusations regarding Trump’s duality as both President of the United States and a covert KGB plant hand selected by Vladimir Putin, (or whatever their latest iteration of the Russian collusion nonsense may be).  This is why the left is so drawn to the Robert Mueller-led investigation currently playing out in Washington.

Now, as it turns out, the left has secretly decided that any termination of Mueller’s investigation that doesn’t go their way is a trigger for protests and possible civil war.  They are so certain of this revolutionary possibility that they have been stashing wartime essentials around the nation.

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If you were curious what constitutes “war time essentials” for the radical left, the answer seems to be megaphones and hot cocoa.

“Organizers have stashed bullhorns in apartments and offices near Manhattan’s Times Square. They’ve stockpiled hot chocolate mix and sleeping bags in Salt Lake City. And they’ve started arranging carpools in Houston.

“Across the country, activists are making plans, collecting supplies and raising money to swiftly launch hundreds of street protests if President Trump fires Robert S. Mueller III, the special counsel who has been investigating the Trump administration.

“‘The last thing we want is to be caught unprepared,’ said Elizabeth Beavers, a Washington-based policy manager for Indivisible, one of several liberal groups involved in the protest plans.

“‘We’re on red alert,’ agreed Zac Petkanas, a Democratic consultant working with the organizers.”

This predetermined outrage is an accurate and horrifying reality of the radical left.  No matter what occurs here, in the actual world, they have already decided that they will be furious because things didn’t go their way.  (Reminds us a bit of the election, eh?)

So, should Mueller be fired for any reason, the left is ready to rise up and take back the nation.

Well, only so long as they can keep their precious fingers warm while shouting nonsensical obscenities to their adorable little fan gatherings.


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