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Radical Leftists Raise “Antifa” Flag as They Ironically Promote Fascism

The weekend war in Charlottesville has instilled an anger in America that we haven’t seen in a great many years.

Now, in the aftermath, we are witnessing a return to wild vigilantism by those on the left who have little experience in the ways of “peaceful assembly”.  Certainly, the neo-Nazis and White Supremacists of Charlottesville should not be defended in any way, but their fringe beliefs and emotional response that they incite does require them to at least be up to snuff when it comes to the laws that govern their demonstrations.

These new radical leftists, however, are using the Charlottesville battle as an excuse to act out their fantasies of overthrowing Donald Trump who they have lumped in with the bigots and the racists of the darker recesses of America.  This newfound boldness has resulted in a number of protests around the nation, including a hate filled romp around Trump Tower in NYC yesterday and the illegal toppling of a Confederate monument in North Carolina that was little more than a social media photo op for these millennial miscreants.

Now, confused and bewildered leftists are aligning themselves with the so-called “antifa” protesters who believe that they are “anti-fascist”, when in reality, these radicalized liberals are ushering in a an era of New Fascism, drawn down party lines.

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Worse yet; they are becoming militant in Minneapolis.

“A small group of ANTIFA members conquered the Hennepin County Jail, when the group took down the Hennepin County flag and raised the ANTIFA flag in its place Monday afternoon.

“Approximately 100 people gathered outside of the Hennepin County Jail, which is located across from City Hall and cheered as the flag was raised.

“The ANTIFA flag remained up for approximately 30 minutes before Hennepin County removed it.

“’Cops and the Klan go hand in hand,’ was just one of several chants shouted in the streets by protesters.

“’Are you guys with Alpha News?’ asked one black clad Antifa member who had his face hidden by a black bandana and a cardboard sign. ‘Why are you with Alpha News? We don’t want your fascist <expletive> here! Get it out! Get it out!’”

Somehow, no arrests were made in Minneapolis, signaling a terrifying trend in the treatment of protesters nationwide.

In Atlanta, Georgia this week a monument to peace between the Union and Confederacy was defeated and almost toppled at the behest of confused radical leftists.  The vandals, who spray painted over the monument in the city’s Piedmont Park, were neither arrested nor identified.

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