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Radical Leftists Attack Fox News by Dumping Water on Female Host

The political climate in America has been growing ever more fervent in recent months, with the left lashing out against America’s conservative backbone.

It seems that the election of Donald Trump has sparked an inner rage of the nation’s liberals that cannot be quenched by satire and media dominance alone.

In the age of Trump, the left requires a more anarchic outlet for their anger.

Riots in Berkeley, beatings at Trump rallies, and a mass shooting incident at a baseball field all illustrate just how extreme and radical the American leftist has become.  They oppose our President, and the entire government, to an obscene amount, hoping only to obstruct our nation’s progress in the name of their “resistance.”

This anger has spread out from the swamp that is Washington D.C., and infected a great many previously reasonable Americans, who are now finding themselves compelled to childish and shallow “protests” of their own.  Fox News’ Kat Timpf was the victim of such an attack this week.

“Kat Timpf, a co-host of the ‘Fox News Specialists,’ unloaded on Twitter after a guy assaulted her with a bottle of water in Brooklyn, New York.

“Timpf was scheduled to speak at an event held by political commentator (and frequent FNC guest) Ben Kissel, who’s running for Brooklyn borough president. That’s when a lunatic dumped an entire 1.5-liter bottle of water on her and then scurried away like a coward.

“’He knows I’m here, dumps an entire 1.5 liter bottle of water on me, first on my head,’ Timpf tweeted. ‘And then I turn to look and he splashes it directly on my face and runs out.’”

Due to the incident, Timpf was unable to complete her speaking engagement, highlighting yet another tactic in these New Fascists’ war on the 1st Amendment.

In February, a Milo Yiannopoulos event at the University of California at Berkeley was forcefully canceled by rioting leftists who opposed the inclusion of conservative speech on campus.

By destroying millions of dollars worth of campus and city property, the college liberals of Berkeley ensured that they would maintain a violent veto power over any event that the school attempts to conduct.

Since that time both Ann Coulter and Ben Shapiro have faced difficulties speaking on campus with Coulter ultimately being canceled and Shapiro have to shuffle and rework his yet-to-transpire appearance.

Furthermore, the left’s ability to contain conservative speakers through the use of violence, property damage, and disruption is all part of their plan to neuter the 1st Amendment.

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