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Radical Leftists Do $200K in Damage to Georgia Civil War Memorial

The overt radicalization of the American political left was a focal point of violence in the U.S. during 2017, and that violence wasn’t directly solely at other Americans.

During the Battle of Charlottesville, (which many believe may have been the second skirmish of the New Civil War), America came to the realization that the liberal left had become overtly radicalized by their anger over Hillary Clinton’s loss in the 2016 election.  To retaliate, these lunatics decided to oppose and attack anything that conservative Americans cherish as a piece of their “resistance” to the presidency of Donald Trump.

This list of targets includes the First Amendment, after droves of radical leftists descended upon UC Berkeley in order to violently censor conservative speakers Milo Yiannopolous and Ann Coulter through the use of riots.

Also being singled out by the left are historical markers commemorating the sacrifices of the Civil War, thanks to the misguided and silly idea that the War of Northern Aggression was fought simply to abolish slavery.  (There’s a history lesson out there for you who still subscribe to that theory).  This has led to a number of Civil War statues and monuments being removed by municipalities in order to avoid leftist violence.

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In places where these historical monuments still stand, they are under a constant barrage of attacks by the liberal forces that haphazardly roam the streets of our otherwise fine nation.  In Rome, Georgia, for example, one such statue was recently vandalized to the tune of $200,000 by what we can only assume was a mob of millennial miscreants during the dead of night.

“The Confederate monument at Myrtle Hill Cemetery in Rome suffered a smashed face and had its hands chipped away to steal the stone musket it was holding.

“’It has been reported, the damage has been estimated and, yes, [we] are investigating,’ Rome Police Lt. Danny Story told ABC.

“Due to the damage and fears of further vandalism, the figure was removed from its base and put in storage while officials consider how to repair the damage.

“The statue was originally erected in 1887 by ‘the Women of Rome’ and was dedicated to the defenders of the Confederate states. At the time, the women’s group maintained the Civil War section of the cemetery. The first monument featured a large urn on the existing base, but in 1909, the Confederate soldier statue replaced the urn.”

These historical revisionists have long felt that their version of American history can be the only truth that our nation’s citizens are exposed to, and they have proven time and again that they are not willing to abide by the laws of decency in order to prove their point.

Instead, we will forever be on guard against these night-lurking and violent vandals who aim to snatch our heritage and history out from underneath our children and our children’s children.

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