Radical Leftist Rag Attacking Trump’s Son Over “Fascist” Haircut

The list of ways in which the democrats have defined their “resistance” program to Donald Trump is an ever-expanding mess of pedantic and childish steer excrement.

Not only have we been forced to endure their constant, droning rhetoric via their stranglehold on the mainstream media, but when attempting to escape this nuisance of noise via pure entertainment, celebrities and other non-politicos alike continue to berate the leader of the free world.  There is no reprieve from the myriad of mockeries being perpetrated by the New Fascists and the “resistant” liberal lunacy.

Nothing has been off-limits for these cretins of criticism, including frequent attacks on the President’s own children and the First Family in general.  Now, the media is getting down in dirty with the descendants of The Donald, taking offense to Eric Trump‘s recent stylistic change in haircuts.

“The Huffington Post published a serious news article in which it suggested that Eric Trump’s new haircut was racist.

“Yes, really.

“The article was based on a handful of tweets from people who compared Trump’s new haircut to that of alt-right figure Richard Spencer.

“’Eric Trump, the son of President Donald Trump who thinks people who oppose his dad are “not even people,” got a haircut over the weekend,’ wrote HuffPost’s Lifestyle Editor Carly Ledbetter.

“She then listed a series of tweets from hysterical idiots with too much time on their hands.

“’Eric Trump has a fascist haircut. This cannot possibly be unintentional,’ remarked one.”

The levels to which the left will stoop in order to insult and mock the President and his mission are completely unacceptable.

There was a time in this nation where Americans respected the office of the President, not because it was what was expected of them, but because they understood the immense responsibility of the position.  Political differences aside, We The People once stood for the idea of a common good, in which our elected leaders would work for us, not simply to receive our votes.  By uniting behind the President, we were able to set aside our differences and create the environment we wished to bestow upon the next generation.

Now, as this derailment of democracy has been allowed to incur, bolstered by the bigotry of the radical left, we are losing sight of a serious point:  When the President is successful, America is successful.

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