Meryl Streep

Radical Leftist Meryl Streep Targeted By Street Artist Over #MeToo Lies

As America finds itself in the midst of a societal sexual awakening, there will be hell to pay for those on the capitulatory end of the heinous accusations.

In this pond of perverts, no fish is bigger than Harvey Weinstein.  Formerly Hollywood’s most influential man by a mile, Weinstein has been revealed as a sexual deviant of the highest order with a laundry list of accusations bombarding him from over ninety separate women.  Weinstein’s reign of ridiculous and inexcusable behavior spanned decades, and he exploited his vast fame and fortune in order to conceal his despicable crimes.

Furthermore, Weinstein was an ardent democratic whose wealth was often leaned on by the DNC and their delusional candidates when they were hard up for cash.

Now, as it becomes extremely apparent that Weinstein’s crimes were an “open secret” in Hollywood for years, those closest to him are caught in a balancing act between outrage and denial, the latter of which Meryl Streep is attempting to employ as her excuse for not speaking out.  Unfortunately for the aging actress, nobody is buying it.

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“A street artist is calling Meryl Streep on her bluff.

“Posters showing the ‘The Post’ actress standing with disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein have been popping up across Los Angeles, Twitter posts indicate. The artist, who has yet to be identified, placed a red banner with the words, ‘She knew,’ over Streep’s eyes.

“The images began appearing around the City of Angels following a Monday statement from the 68-year-old actress in which she claimed Weinstein ‘made sure’ she didn’t know about his perverted antics.

“She went on to claim that he used his association to her ‘to lure young, aspiring women into circumstances where they would be hurt.'”

While Weinstein’s outrageous behavior speaks for itself, the complicity of Meryl Streep and other Hollywood harlots hoping to foster a symbiotic relationship with the vile producer is perhaps even more disgusting.

Streep, who has been cultivating an image of liberal sentience and untouchable virtue, will likely find herself relegated to the realm of obscurity as Americans come to grips with what her obstructive faux-ignorance truly means.


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