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Radical Leftist Arrested After Threatening Republican Congresswoman in Omaha

The American political left has long been seeking a violent end to their war on conservatism, and an incident out of Omaha this week has reaffirmed their commitment to the New Civil War.

With republican congressman Steve Scalise recently being readmitted to the ICU while battling an infection, we are given a stark reminder of what the radical left in America is now capable of.  These militant liberals has long been desensitizing the American people to the idea of riotous violence against President Trump and the conservatism that he represents, with celebrities and media pundits alike doing their part.  In the aftermath of Scalise’s injury at the hands of a leftist madman name James T. Hodgkinson, a number of new threats against the right wing have emerged, including the latest from Omaha.

“Dr. Glenn Hurst had gotten used to the strings of almost unintelligible text messages — often sent late at night — from his longtime friend Robert William Simet of Omaha.

“Hurst’s response to Simet’s paranoid thoughts and ideas was often ‘Bob, I wouldn’t do that if I were you.’ That was usually enough to end the rants.

“But Simet, 64, was arrested Friday by FBI agents in Omaha and charged with threatening U.S. Sen. Joni Ernst of Iowa.

 “An arrest affidavit says employees of a Pacific Junction, Iowa, motorcycle shop told an FBI agent that Simet had been there Wednesday and made several statements about Ernst, including that he believed that she was a member of the Islamic State.

“Simet said he knew that Ernst was scheduled to speak Saturday at an event at the motorcycle business. Simet is accused of telling an employee that he ‘could kill’ Ernst at the event, and telling another employee that ‘everyone in the government needs to be killed off.’”

This variety of unacceptable and morally corrupt vitriol has been publicly visible from the moment that Donald Trump became the republican nominee for President.

While a similar commentary from a right-wing activist would become a matter of commonplace knowledge thanks to the liberally-controlled mainstream media, threats such as Simet’s simply cruise under the radar of the leftist “news”.  Outlets such as CNN and NBC have both been relieved of their journalistic duties by allowing themselves to be labeled “fake news”, therefore cementing the reality of their liberal propagandist overlords.


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