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Radical Left Training A Working Class Militia With Russian Guns For…

When you take a good, hard look at the political tension that Americans are facing in this day and age, it will come as no surprise to hear that some are predicting a New Civil War.

This fear has existed for some time, thanks to the overt radicalization of the left, and the violence that they and their cronies have committed over the course of the last year.  Most notably was an incident in which James T. Hodgkinson, a crazed leftist who once worked for the Bernie Sanders campaign, attempted to touch off a politically-motivated civil war by opening fire on an entire baseball field worth of republican congressmen.  Thankfully, Hodgkinson was shot and killed by Capitol Police before he could fire any fatal shots, but the sentiment of his action was simple enough to understand.

Now, word is out about an entire underground militia of radical leftists who are attempting to unite under the banner of the working class, preferring to utilize Soviet-era weaponry, oft-emblazoned with the symbols of Communism.

“The guns are not American-made, but Russian; forged in the Soviet era. One has a hammer and sickle etched into the bolt. The men are genial but reserved, keeping their distance from the other groups around them. And one of them is complaining bitterly about his coffee.”

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This group, known as the “Redneck Revolt”, (playing off of the “resistance” moniker of the radical left), are openly targeting wealthy and white Americans through their propagandistic website.

“Redneck Revolt is a national activist organisation that advocates for the downfall of capitalism through the elimination of racism. Its founders believe strongly that working-class liberation can only occur when workers unite, regardless of race. So in 38 different locations around the country, Redneck Revolt mobilises poor, rural white people to stand up for people of colour.

“And yes, they carry guns.

“Indeed, Redneck Revolt may look like many other social-justice groups – its website contains frequent mentions of ‘trigger warnings’ and ‘solidarity’ – but it is far from it. The members of Redneck Revolt don’t want you to sit in a circle, hold hands, and sing Kumbaya. They want you to know you have an enemy – it’s just not who you think it is.”

These social justice cowboys may appear to be a new breed of leftist, but they are not nearly as novel as they claim to be.

The concept of exploiting minorities to bolster numbers is the first chapter in the democratic playbook, and goes back decades.  The left has constantly berated conservative, traditional patriots as inherently discriminatory in order to make a case for themselves as the de facto electoral choice for these vast swaths of American voters.  There is no compassion in their outreach.  Instead, it is a simple mathematical reality that, in order to compete with America’s conservative uprising, the left must convince minorities to side with them in elections.

By declaring an enemy and arranging range time, this “Redneck Revolt” is simply weaponizing the democratic party’s already exploitive outreach charade.

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