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Radical Left Sends America to Firearm Stores in Record Numbers

The American experience in 2017 has become a quagmire of media-incited violence and radicalized leftist factions warring with the conservative majority in the U.S.A.

From the moment that Donald Trump was nominated as the republican contender for President in 2016, the democrats and other leftist mobs began a campaign to end decorum in American politics.  With Trump at the helm of the conservative ship, the progressive left sought to sink the dignity of their political parties in order to compete with the tweet storms employed by the eventual president.

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As Trump continued to deflect the democratic defamation of his character, sliding quite comfortably into an electoral evisceration of Hillary Clinton, the left grew ever more agitated.  Soon, their rhetoric turned to violent vitriol, and their words turned to action.  On the campaign trail, one assassination attempt in Las Vegas was all it took for the Secret Service to realize that something had snapped in the minds of liberal Americans, and that their job protecting Trump was to be like nothing they had ever faced before.

Now, after CNN personality Kathy Griffin opened the floodgates of violence, signaling the radical left with there Trump assassination pornography, horrific incidents such as the one created by James T. Hodgkinson have become the new liberal norm.  This has caused Americans to sit up and take notice of the truly worrisome trends of liberal violence emerging in 2017.  The reality of this bipartisan New Civil War being propped up by the left has caused many of this nation’s citizens to head to the gun shop to prepare themselves.

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“The first six months of 2017 witnessed the second largest number of firearm background checks ever recorded for the first half of a given year, according to the FBI.

“According to FBI figures, there were 12,601,102 background checks performed January 1, 2017, through June 30, 2017. That is second only to the 13,829,491 conducted during the same time frame in 2016. It should be noted that 2016 turned into a record year for background checks, with 27,538,673 total checks.

“2017 is on now within striking distance of the 2016 record.

Breitbart News reported that background checks ran at a record pace from May 2015 through November 2016, then dipped below record levels in December 2016. However, even with the dip, December 2016 had the third-highest number of background checks for any December ever. Moreover, by May 2017 background checks were shattering records again. There were more background checks in May 2017 than in any previous May on record.”

As the left continues to rage against the fairly elected President, the rest of America has shown that they are prepared to defend themselves.

The propaganda exuded by Griffin and her fellow celebrities has acted as a barometer for the radical left.  Without the gruesome and graphic depictions of Trump’s assassination provided by liberal figures, the radicalization of monsters such as Hodgkinson may never have occurred.  Worse yet, media strongholds such as ultraliberal CNN have done very little to dissuade these lunatic liberals from acting on their basic, violent urges.

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