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Radical Left Inexplicably Trashes Another Historical Statue Out of Context

There erroneous arrogance of the radical left has swept the nation in the weeks following their attempt to start a New Civil War in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Seizing an opportunity int the sleepy college town, home to the Virginia Cavaliers football team, Antifa and other social media warriors escalated an already volatile situation in hopes of making headlines for themselves.  The resulting chaos left three dead, including two state troopers and an innocent woman.

The entire impetus of the debacle was the proposed removal of a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee, who was both opposed to slavery and had been originally slated to fight for the northern Union army before his home state of Virginia seceded into the Confederacy.  Regrettably, neo-Nazi and white supremacists who have unethically appropriated the Confederacy as a symbol of their own hatred were on hand to fight for the statue’s continued presence, and the radical left was there simply to antagonize these bigots.

What the media portrayed, however, was that these “brave” liberals were hoping to bring the statute down themselves – a piece of fake news that has led to a number of incidents of vandalism and destruction throughout the nation as these millennial miscreants topple statues purely for the opportunity to take selfies with their handiwork.

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This historical hatred has now mutated into something else entirely, as Antifa and their related rabble-rousers have begun attacked any and all symbols of the past, regardless of their relevancy to the hatred they believe that they are opposing.

The latest incident of misguided mischief in Maryland is downright absurd.

“A 106-year-old statue of Francis Scott Key, who famously wrote ‘The Star-Spangled Banner,’ was found vandalized Wednesday morning in Baltimore.

“According to the Baltimore Sun, someone spray-painted the words’ racist anthem’ on the monument in Bolton Hill, which was completely trashed by splashes of red and black paint.”

If you’re scratching your head in an attempt to decipher what could possibly be racist about our National Anthem, you’re not alone.

The leftist offenders of this pointless crime dug far back into Key’s archives to find a single mention of “slaves” that they found offensive, due only to their inability to fully grasp the poem in question.

“Key’s brief allude to ‘slaves’ in his poem, which would later become the National Anthem of the United States, has drawn widespread criticism from those perpetually unhappy few determined to be offended by…well, words.

“Except that the line isn’t actually meant to be racist at all As explained here by Mark Clague, a musicologist and professor of music history, American culture, African and AfroAmerican studies at the University of Michigan, Key’s reference to ‘hirelings and slaves’ in his 1814 poem was actually a jab at British soldiers, including both those who’d voluntarily joined the British military and those escaped black slaves from America who’d joined on the promise of emancipation.”
Once again, the left’s complete ignorance of history has led them to destroy what they don’t understand.
How our society will cope with the continued rise of leftist, anti-historical violence has yet to to be fully realized.  Standing on the sidelines has certainly not worked up until now, as these egregious acts are continuing to pile up.  At the same time, engaging these neo-fascists would likely provide fuel for their recruitment.

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