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Radical Left Continues to Spread One Abhorrent Lie About POTUS Over Others

The liberal “resistance” to President Donald Trump is reliant on more than a few exaggerations and outright lies concerning the moral fortitude of our Commander in Chief.

From the moment that Trump took to the campaign trail, he was an easy target for experience politicians.  He was, by all measures, an unconventional candidate who was attempting to defeat some of the most conniving, cunning, and ruthless Washington insiders to ever grace an American election.  By all accounts, Hillary Clinton herself is the epitome of what’s wrong in our nation’s capital, and he soundly handed the former First Lady her own derriere in November.

Of course, this led to an incredible campaign of lies and insinuations against Trump from all points of the political spectrum.  One of the most prevalent, however, was that Donald Trump was somehow a supreme bigot of the highest order, and quite possibly a fascist, Nazi, white supremacist.

For some reason, the left fell for it completely.  (“Some” reason being their willingness to suspend reality to feel vindicated politically).

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Now it has become difficult to turn on the television or scroll through Twitter without seeing a toothbrush-mustachioed likeness of the leader of the free world with a swastika emblazoned somewhere nearby.

This absurd, racist finger pointing has gone even further after Trump called out ESPN correspondent Jemele Hill for her own bigoted tweet claiming that the Commander in Chief was himself a white supremacist.  Now, her media colleagues are backing up her unethical claim.

“On Friday’s broadcast of ‘CNN Newsroom,’ CNN commentator, author, and Temple University Professor Marc Lamont Hill weighed in on the controversy over ESPN anchor Jemele Hill’s comments about President Trump being a white supremacist by saying that the White House’s call for her to be fired is an abuse of power and arguing Trump is a white supremacist.

“Hill said that ESPN is a private company and federal law bars members of employees of Congress or the executive branch from influencing a private citizen’s employment because of their political views.

“He concluded the discussion by saying, ‘Do I think Donald Trump is racist? Absolutely. Do I think Donald Trump is a white supremacist? Absolutely. And I don’t think it’s because of how he looks. I think it’s because of the things that he does and the things that he does not do. That is the critique here. And there has to be space within the private sector and the public sector for people to say it. You say it on your ESPN show, that might be inappropriate because it’s a sports talk show. But if you say it on Twitter and back it up, I say, “More power to you.”‘”

This ugly, divisive rhetoric is precisely what is fueling leftist agitators such as those calling themselves “Antifa”, who have turned to violence and a hope for a New Civil War in recent weeks.

While the President is most certainly not a racist, that hasn’t stopped the news media from allowing these opinions to fester live on-air.  They too hope for violence across our nation, as that conflict would drive their advertising revenue through the roof as Americans tune in for coverage.

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