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UPDATE: Radical Islamic Terror Now Suspected in Manhattan Attack

Just hours ago, New York City was rocked by an incredibly disturbing attack on its citizens that began when a rented truck sped into pedestrians.

A truck on loan from Home Depot plowed into a Manhattan bike lane this afternoon, mowing down Americans just before rush hour in The Big Apple.  The attacker then leapt from the vehicle and began spraying a barrage of bullets into the ever-busy streets of New York City before being shot and captured by local police.

The death toll has risen to eight as of this writing, and the attack bears a stunning resemblance to a number of radical Islamic terror attacks that have taken place throughout Europe in the past year. Furthermore, eyewitnesses are now reporting that the lone attacker outed himself as a jihadist just before being taken into custody.

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“A suspect is in custody Tuesday after mowing down pedestrians “in an act of terror” in lower Manhattan, killing eight, according to New York Mayor Bill de Blasio

“Witnesses, according to Fox News, saw the suspect shout ‘Allahu Akbar’ upon exiting his car after driving the wrong way on a busy bike lane near West and Chambers Street. After striking several people, the individual left his vehicle and was shot by police.

“It was unclear initially whether the suspect used a gun, a truck, or both.

“The New York Police Department reports it has one suspect in custody.”

The attack directly mimics the latest in jihadist chic by employing a vehicle in the initial phase of the attack, the exclamation of “Allahu Akbar” during the rampage, and the continued violence after the initial vehicle has been incapacitated.

This story is still developing, and further information will be made available by police as soon as it is safe to do so.

ISIS themselves made claims of possible Halloween attacks within the United States via their propaganda channels just days ago, although the terror group has had a recent history of making vague and blanketing claims in order to cover any attacks that may occur.  Most recently, the jihadists attempted to claim the Las Vegas massacre as their own doing although no evidence has been unearthed that suggests terror as a motivation for retired real estate investor Stephen Paddock.

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