Radical Islam Ready to Step Up Anti-Christian Attacks Around Holidays

ISIS and their cadre of radical Islamic brethren have issued a dire new warning that explicitly targets non-Muslims for the upcoming holidays.

Christmas, the holiest of Christian holidays, is merely 6 weeks away, leading many to believe that ISIS will soon be ramping up the frequency and scope of their terror-laden activities.  The groups has long sought to eliminate all non-Muslims from the planet, plainly stating their will in a number of recent propaganda pieces.  In fact, immediately following an horrific attack in Saint Petersburg, Russia, the radical Islamic terror group admitted completely that they were now targeting “worshipers of the Cross” as opposed to the less specific “infidels” that they had invoked in the past, ushering in a new era of jihad for the group.

As Christmas approaches, one must wonder what the ultimate target for the terror group could be.  A new piece of ISIS literature has indicated that they have chosen where they will attempt to put a damper on all-important holiday.

“ISIS has issued a chilling threat against the Vatican just weeks before Christmas, where tens of thousands of people from around the world gather to celebrate the Christian holiday.

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“A pro-ISIS propaganda channel called Wafa Media made the threat through a poster depicting a vehicle attack, according to the Site Intelligence Group, who monitor terrorist activity.

“The poster reads ‘Christmas Blood,’ showing a masked jihadist driving a BMW towards St. Peter’s Basilica, where Pope Francis holds mass.

“A rifle and backpack can be seen next to the jihadist, who’s using GPS navigation and driving fast.

“ISIS has made threats to the Vatican and Europe in the past, especially around the Christmas holiday.

“Days before Christmas last year, an Islamic terrorist plowed a semi truck into a crowded Christmas market in Berlin, Germany, killing 12 people and injuring 56.”

The Berlin attack of a year ago has prompted several European countries to bow down to the terror group, canceling their own plans for Christmas gatherings in order to not offend these terrorists.

This crude capitulation will likely only embolden the radical Islamic group and its followers, much like the actions of former U.S. President Barack Obama did.  Obama, unlike those who ruled before and after him, was simply unwilling to vilify the group as religious extremists, preferring to omit the use of the phrase “radical Islam” altogether.  This kid-glove approach certainly allowed the organization to thrive far more fruitfully than if the supposed “leader of the free world” had actually create an air of conflict with the group.


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