Black Lives Matter

Radical Black Lives Matter Agitators Get Harsh Truth From College President

Black Lives Matter has been terrorizing American society for years, with their racist and anti-police protests, violence, and murder.

The hate group, thinly disguised as a liberal “social justice warrior” cabal has been radicalizing the youth of this nation since their inception.  Disciples of the group are known for their ridiculously one-sided version of racism, and they are infamous for their message of violence against the police – a message that culminated in the death of five brave officers in Dallas, Texas in 2016.

The group has been a bit quieter in recent months, but that hasn’t stopped fringe elements of the militant domestic terror group from infringing upon the time, resources, and rights of others at every possible chance.  This brand of gruesome guilt-tripping recently manifested itself on the campus of the College of William and Mary.  While most college campuses have been ripe breeding grounds for the perverse ideology of this hate group, the President of this particular college is having none of it.

“Black Lives Matter students at the College of William & Mary in Virginia brought a list of demands to school President W. Taylor Reveley III during a livestream Wednesday meeting.

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“’I don’t deal in demands,’ he told those seated in the room with him. ‘I don’t make demands of other people. I don’t expect to receive demands from people. I love to get suggestions, recommendations, strong arguments. … When you approach other people with a demand, instead of their ears opening and their spirit being unusually receptive,  you get defensive walls erected. So I think you all need to think about it.’”

President Revely’s remarks only managed to intensify the Black Lives Matter students’ obnoxious sense of self-importance.

“One student took issue with Reveley: ‘The suggestion thing. Interesting point. But I’m going to disagree.’

“’That is the beauty of the First Amendment,’ he replied.”

The stunned snowflakes were then treated to some extremely poignant piece of truth from the no-nonsense administrator.

“’We are students, and we pay tuition to be here,’ one said. ‘That is the reason why we are able to write these demands.’

“Another student asked sharply, ‘So you have an issue with the way that we are phrasing this? … I think you’re missing the point … We’ve tried to be nice … It’s not working. So, if you don’t want to have issues on this campus that are affecting students of color, then you have to listen to students of color when they tell you this is what needs to happen …’

“Later — during a particularly heated exchange about racial issues and skin color — a frustrated Reveley said, ‘I got color, too, I’m white.’ The Black Lives Matter students in the room didn’t like that at all.”

Revely’s stance on the subject, and the matter-of-fact way in which he brought these rabble-rousers to understand the world around them is verifiably commendable.  Unfortunately, one must anticipate that a leftist lynch mob is amassing on the horizon, and they’ll be using every bit of the liberal media’s leverage to demand their college President’s head on a platter.

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