“Racist” President Posthumously Pardons Jack Johnson

If you were to delve deep into the internet lairs of the liberal left, (and we do not suggest it), you would find a plethora of stories about how Donald Trump is somehow the most racist person to ever walk the planet.

This has been a theme of the democratic American political landscape since Trump first waltzed into the  ballroom and stole the show.  The left believed that accusing Trump of racism would somehow immediately disqualify him from ascending to the highest office in the land.

What they didn’t count on was the fact that the American people were entirely sick and tired of the left’s lunacy, and saw right through the transparent race-baiting and hate-mongering tactics they tried to pull.  Trump is the President despite the “disqualifying” allegations, all because the We The People were smart enough to do our own research on the subject.

Now, as if to reiterate the stupidity of their claim, the President has posthumously pardoned American boxing legend Jack Johnson; an African American man who was convicted of the crime of having an “interracial relationship”.

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President Donald Trump pardoned black boxing icon Jack Johnson Thursday, posthumously nullifying the heavyweight champion’s conviction by an all-white jury for an interracial relationship more than 100 years ago.

“He overcame these difficult circumstances to reach the heights of boxing and the boxing world and inspired generations with his tenacity and independent spirit,” Trump said. “I believe that Jack Johnson is a very worthy person to receive a full pardon, and in this case, a posthumous pardon, so I am taking this very righteous step, I believe, to correct a wrong that occurred in our history and to honor a truly legendary boxing champion.”

Johnson’s story was brought to Trump’s attention in recent months by actor Sylvester Stallone, who famously played the scrappy underdog boxer Rocky Balboa in the “Rocky” film series. Trump tweeted in late April that he was considering a full pardon for Johnson.
While we are all thankful to be living in an America where we can point to the Constitution’s protections of equality as a founding principle, we still can’t seem to convince the liberal left that conservatives are not second class citizens.
Funny thing about discrimination is that it works both ways…right liberals?

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