Racist Petition Telling MSNBC “No More White Conservatives” Has 175K Signatures

The war against the conservative media is stepping things up a notch after 120 days of President Trump’s first term with an ugly maneuver.

There was a time in this great nation, believe it or not, in which journalists simply reported the news of the day to We The People.  In the days before CNN and the other 24 hour cable news-entertainment channels, Americans would tune in during the early evening to catch 30 minutes worth of network news that was, more or less, an unbiased affair meant to relay the important facts in a brief period of time.

Thanks to CNN’s reliance on advertisers, there has been a massive shift in the way in which we digest our “news”, thanks to our unfettered access to journalism, and thanks to advertisers’ need to keep themselves relevant to the public.

Now, more than ever, the American people have been able to exert themselves on the media in unprecedented ways, in turn transforming the “news” into whatever it is that they want.  This appeases the advertisers, which pads the coffers of the mainstream media outlets.  All in all, it’s a bit of a racket.

Worse yet, liberal Americans are actively attempting to realign the cable newsroom in their own image, demanding that MSNBC refrain from hiring any more “white conservatives”.

“The latest petition, hosted on Credo Action, urges network executives ‘Stop the white conservative hiring spree at MSNBC.’

“’NBC had troubling ties to Trump during the presidential campaign and gave the racist sexual predator a national platform.  Now MSNBC, too, is tilting to the right. We need to let NBC executives know that there will be a sharp backlash if MSNBC becomes another platform for right-wing hate,’ the petition reads.

“So far, 175,128 people have signed out of the 200,000 goal.

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