Colin Kaepernick

Racist Kaepernick Turns Down NFL Offers to Continue SJW Nonsense

The saga of Colin Kaepernick is far from over, as the beleaguered backup is back in headlines this week.

Kaepernick, who made a name for himself as an anthem-protesting twerp with a severe hatred for the police, has been out of a job within the NFL since the end of last season.  While his lack of demonstrable skill certainly hasn’t helped his situation at all, one of the main concerns with Kaepernick is the circus that he has become a major part of.

By aligning himself with the radical Black Lives Matter terror network, Kaepernick has become an icon of thuggery during a time in which the NFL has enough irresponsible man-children already.  Coaches and managers are certainly not thrilled with the prospect of bringing his style of childish anger to their organizations, let alone have NFL commentators focused on the trendy pre-game ritual of a bratty backup rather than the actual game.

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Now, new information has been released regarding Kaepernick’s true intentions in the league, and it seems that the “social justice” jackass has been shirking jobs within the league in order to maintain his misguided position on top of the controversy conundrum.

“Despite the ongoing narrative that Kaepernick’s very public political views are preventing any NFL teams from offering him a roster spot, TheDC’s source claims Kaep himself has turned down at least one contract in the hopes of stirring up a media frenzy that eventually leads to a more lucrative deal for the 27-year-old vet.

“Kaepernick allegedly doesn’t want to make ‘backup money’ and specifically instructed his representative team not to sign one contract offered at the league’s minimum rate of $900,000 per year for a seventh-year player.

“Shortly after the 2017 offseason began, Kaepernick parted ways with XAM Sports — the agency which had represented him since he entered the league in 2011 — and TheDC’s source added that Kaepernick’s girlfriend, outspoken radio host Nessa Diab, appears to be a driving force behind his negotiating tactics.

“’Colin thinks he’s fighting a much higher battle than he is,’ the source stated. ‘He views himself as a race messiah.'”

Kaepernick’s God complex could likely keep him sidelined for years to come, if not longer.

Americans have turned away from the NFL in increasingly large numbers over the course of the last two years, with many analysts speculating that the league’s apparent liberal slant is affecting their normally-ardent fanbase.  This has been unfortunately exacerbated by ESPN, the world’s premiere sporting television network, who has repeatedly sided with democratic ideals in their coverage and staffing, disregarding the nation’s overwhelming conservative majority in the age of Donald Trump.

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