Hillary Clinton Called Bill Clinton’s Campaign Manager a “F****** Jew B******”!

The media coverage of the insensitive/bigoted things Donald Trump has said is a perfectly legitimate line of reporting. What isn’t legitimate is they are ignoring Hillary Clinton’s record of saying things that could be considered as anti-Semitic. Perhaps the most blatant example was reported in July of 2000 in a book by Jerry Oppenheimer, the presumptive Democratic Party nominee called her then-future husband’s campaign manager a “f**king Jew b*stard (the asterisks were added by me).

In 1974, Bubba lost an election for the US House of Representatives from Arkansas.  According to the former campaign manager Paul Fray, after the defeat, she turned to her then boyfriend’s campaign manager Paul Fray and called him a “”f**king Jew b*stard.” 

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Hillary denies that she ever said any such thing.  Bill Clinton backs up her version. However, Fray, his wife and a campaign worker who was just outside the room, have all attested to the fact that she did indeed use that insult.  Said Fray:

“I was a little defensive about it. I looked to the floor thinking ‘How do I respond?’ I didn’t mind being called a son-of-a-bitch, but when it came to attacking my culture, that’s a whole ‘nother ballgame.

Mrs Fray said that her husband’s recollection of the meeting, which lasted about an hour, was accurate. Mr McDonald said: “I don’t know what provoked it or what. I just remember that one little comment.”

Paul Fray was given a lie-detector test by the NY Post at the time ad cleared the polygraph with flying colors “There’s no doubt in my mind that Mr. Fray is truthful,” concluded state-licensed Arkansas polygrapher Jeff Hubanks, who gave the three-hour test…


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