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Racism Hoaxes Reach Military as Radical Left Continues Toward War

There is little doubt in the minds of most Americans that the radical left is on the verge of declaring Civil War on the American traditionalists.

This sudden increase in vitriol comes to us during the year following President Trump’s election, and amid the Commander in Chief’s blitzkrieg campaign to “drain the swamp” that is Washington D.C.  Given the incredibly strong ties between the democrats and the special interest power players that make up the D.C. establishment, there is little surprise that the doomed political party would be enticing their constituents so radically.

Of the horrific tactics being implemented by the radical left, the continuous accusations of racism against anyone with whom they disagree politically has become one of their most utilized.  By declaring conservatives and traditionalists inherently bigoted, the left is attempting to create a stencil by which their ad nauseam attacks can be administered to their liking.

Of course, there aren’t enough incidents of actual racism to prove the democrats’ point, so the liberal faithful have taken to inventing them.  This streak of callous and absurd forgery of bigotry has now reached all the way to our armed services.

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“Air Force Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria was quick to react in September to allegations of racism at the Air Force Academy Preparatory School in Colorado Springs, Colorado. But now the incident that sparked the general’s reaction has been proven a hoax.

“Superintendent Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria delivered a video on Facebook that quickly went viral after reports of ‘racism’ on campus. In the video the Gen. addressed his cadets, saying, ‘If you can’t treat someone from another race or different color skin with dignity and respect, then you need to get out’…

“But now, it appears that the incident was a hoax all along.

“Investigators found that one of the black students himself had written the ‘racist’ message, the Associated Press reported.”

Luckily for all involved, the student guilty of creating the phony, racist message is no longer at the institution.

This is far from the first time that the radical left has employed such tactics either.  Bigotry hoaxes have been on a meteoric rise in the wake of President Trump’s election, thanks to the mainstream media’s incessant assertion that the President himself is racist.  This has pitted the entire left side of American politics against Trump, in an ethos called the “resistance”, and his instigated a number of incidents in which mostly young Americans have attempted to fabricate cases of discrimination to frame their political enemies.


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