Hillary Clinton

Rachel Maddow Interrupts Corrupt Clinton Interview with WHAT?!

As Hillary Clinton continues the ridiculous push to promote her bizarre new book, What Happened, the media is reacting in a myriad of ways.

The premise of the unwanted tome is that demise of the democratic diva’s 2016 presidential campaign in which Clinton was completely demolished by Washington outsider Donald Trump.  The reason was fairly simple, and covered extensively by the media at the time:  Clinton simply couldn’t keep her massive closet full of skeletons closed long enough to gain the confidence of the American people.

Clinton, of course, couldn’t let that stand.  Instead of accepting that she maintains a reputation as a crooked and colluding career criminal with whom the American people are rightfully disgusted, the former Secretary of State took to lashing out at anyone and everyone within earshot in her new book.

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Of particular note are Clinton’s attacks on Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden, both pillars of the democratic party who would have likely made better candidates than Clinton against the immensely popular Donald Trump.

Now, as Clinton criss crosses the country attempting to peddle her fiction, she is receiving an embarrassing reception, highlighted by this hilarious clip from the Rachel Maddow show:


That’s right.  Rachel Maddow interrupted her interview with Hillary Clinton by showing a famous, and old, video of a baby panda sneezing.

Whether this was Maddow’s lame attempt at interjecting humor into the otherwise somber affair, or just a complete and utter piece of nonsense from her “too niche for their own good” writers, the fact still remains that a video that has been seen on YouTube literally millions of times became the most entertaining part of an interview with a former First Lady and Secretary of State.

Clinton in unequivocally in trouble with the Democratic party, and with the American people.  Perhaps Maddow sensed that her viewers would be growing steadily angrier listening to the putrid and farcical excuses laid out by Clinton, and felt the need to insert a bit of a bright spot to avoid the mass destruction of televisions nationwide.

In any case, we are left staring into the void of the liberal mainstream media’s unfathomable idiocy, one cute panda clip at a time.

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