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Rachel Maddow Blames Her Viewers for Gigantic Trump Tax Story Flop


The “big” story from last night was that of Rachel Maddow and her enormous publicity stunt regarding President Trump’s tax returns.

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If you were one of the folks who tuned in to MSNBC last night after Maddow troll her Twitter followers with a purposefully vague mention of “seriously” having President Trump’s tax returns, you were not alone in feeling more than a little bit gipped.  A great many political pundits and average Americans were entirely flabbergasted when Maddow apparently wasted the entire nation’s time to reveal that she had only two pages of Trump’s 2005 return, and the only information that could be gleaned from it was that Trump paid $38 million in taxes that year.

Now, facing a massive backlash and probable ratings slump, Maddow has lashed out against her own viewers for taking her tweet too seriously and expecting too much from her.

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“Maddow’s tweet less than 90 minutes before her show that ‘we’ve got Trump’s tax returns’ set off a social media frenzy. Although a subsequent tweet specified it was only two pages from one year’s returns, expectations were sky high.

“Maddow told the AP that she never misrepresented what she had.

“‘Because I have information about the president doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily a scandal,’ she said. ‘It doesn’t mean that it’s damning information. If other people leapt to that conclusion without me indicating that it was, that hype is external to what we did.'”

“Her story was derided as ‘a big nothing burger’ by Fox News Channel’s Steve Doocy on Wednesday. There were unflattering comparisons to Geraldo Rivera’s opening of Al Capone’s vault, television shorthand for an anticipated event that doesn’t meet expectations. The White House’s pre-emptive step of issuing a statement with Trump’s income and estimated taxes for that year before Maddow’s show started also took air out of the story.”

We all know that Rachel Maddow, for all of her flaws, is just not that obtuse.  She is clearly playing dumb in a transparent attempt to save face after this disastrous ratings stunt.  Even her liberal colleagues in the media were forced to admit that the release of these returns was truly a victory for Donald Trump.

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