Race, The Progressive Left And The American Way

As Burgess Owens left home to play football at the collegiate level he was driven by and excited at the opportunities that awaited him.

Burgess was a young man with a heart that was occupied by love of country and love of race. As Burgess transitioned to the NFL he spent ten seasons becoming a great, a legend on the field. As he retired from the NFL, Burgess still had that love of country and race in his heart and was going to make it his mission to help resurrect his race.

With a mission as bold as that, where does one even start? Burgess’ journey to help resurrect his race started with Conservatism.

In the subsequent years after leaving the NFL, Burgess credits the Football field with being a true representation of America. He says that it didn’t matter what you did or what your background was, as long as you got together to play football on Sundays. In many ways, Burgess feels that the football field has the opportunity to represent America in a very big way. The football field is a place of diversity and an unlikeness in cultures. The football field does in fact have the opportunity to represent America- but not in the way it operates today.

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In the years after leaving the NFL, Burgess has strengthened in his conservative ideals, which has provided him clarity in how to help resurrect his race. Burgess has come to the realization that to help his fellow African Americans he needs to help them get out from under the thumb of liberalism. He credits liberalism with the manifestation of the Colin Kaepernick effect.

Burgess claims that while many view Kaepernick’s protest as an issue of black vs. white, that’s not what it’s about at all. The current surge of NFL protests is the manifestation of Marxists, Atheist, and Socialist philosophies being pitted against traditional American values. Kaepernick like many in his generation matriculated through a progressive education system in which they were taught and encouraged to believe that even when you are making millions of dollars doing the thing you’re passionate about, you are being systematically oppressed.

Sadly, the NFL protests are just one side effect that the progressive liberal philosophy has had on our country.

Burgess, like many Americans, acknowledges that the left’s greatest political strategy is to engage in fear mongering tactics. As someone who grew up in a minority community, Burgess attests to the engagement of negative messaging about capitalism and small government that the left perpetrates and spins through these communities in order to keep people upset to garner votes every four years.

Burgess asserts that white Americans are being trained to apologize and black Americans are being taught to believe that they are being oppressed. Both are wrong. America has long moved passed the issue of race and the ideological battle our nation is facing is detrimental to the fabric of our society. Moving forward, Burgess claims that members of the African American community are going to be looking for better solutions than the progressive agenda of the left. Members of the African American community are going to rise above the propaganda the left initiates, a movement established in the silent majority’s votes in this year’s Presidential election.

If Burgess and other Conservatives can successfully help minority voters get out from under the thumb of progressive liberalism our nation, as a whole, can finally move forward.


Dr. Kelli Ward and Taylor Hubbs

Dr. Kelli Ward has lived in Arizona since 1999. She is a military wife, the mom of three awesome children (now young adults), a family physician, a business owner, a former AZ State Senator, and she ran for the US Senate in 2016 against John McCain. Taylor Hubbs is currently a senior at the University of Arizona studying Public Management and Policy. Fluent in sarcasm and a carb enthusiast, Taylor enjoys being the outspoken Republican in her classes full of Liberals.

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