Queen of Cackle, Clinton’s Violent Jokes Aren’t Funny

Maybe she wasn’t joking. Maybe Democratic presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton does view Republicans as her biggest enemies. After all, they sure do provide her with comic relief– in terms of them being choked, punched, or just knee-slapping hilarious.

Here’s a brief list of Clinton’s bizarre, violent jokes about her “colleagues”:

At a Democrat debate in October, Clinton thought it was funny to describe Republicans – not terrorists – as her top enemy– after the National Rifle Association, of course.

Last fall, at a campaign event in New Hampshire, a supporter told Clinton that he sometimes wanted to strangle Carly Fiorina. Clinton didn’t immediately denounce his “war on women,” instead she thought it was pretty funny.

And at a Democrat Town Hall meeting on Tuesday, one voter suggested he would have liked to have seen Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump reach over and “punch in the face” Congressman Trey Gowdy during Congressional Hearings into the disaster of Benghazi.

Again, the Queen of the Cackle thought such violence was comical.

Some people at least, didn’t find the topic of Benghazi to be all that funny.

To be sure, had Republican voters or candidates said anything vaguely similar to the above rhetoric, they would have been pilloried from sea to shining sea.

Rusty Weiss writes for Mental Recession.

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