Thousands of Years After Her Death, Queen Esther Deals Another Blow to Israel’s Enemies

Wednesday was the first night of Purim, a Jewish holiday which celebrates the victory of Jewish people over the Ancient Persian King Ahasuerus’ Vizier Haman who received royal permission to kill the Jews. At the end of the story, Haman is defeated by the Jewish Queen Esther (the king didn’t know her faith until the end) and her Uncle Mordechai.  Purim is one of those “They Tried to Kill US, We Won, Lets Eat,” type of Jewish holidays.

What most people don’t realize, is that Queen Esther had a role in defeating modern-day Persia (Iran), or at least delaying their quest for a nuclear weapon by between one and two years, the weapon Esther used this time was called Stuxnet.

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Stuxnet was malicious computer worm that, when it got into Iran’s computer systems, destroyed the rogue nation’s nuclear centrifuges.


The job of the centrifuge is to enrich uranium so it could be used for reactors and/or weapons. Stuxnet “took control” of the centrifuge and spun them of control so they burned out. This cyber-attack slowed down Iran’s march toward a nuclear weapon. The worm was so successful, that in 2011 both the United States and Israel pushed back their time-lines saying that Iranwas a few years away from achieving nuclear weapons

While no country ever took credit for Stuxnet, there’s evidence that Israel was probably behind the computer worm…evidence of biblical proportions.
Computer Scientists who analyzed the Stuxnet virus found a file name that seemingly referred to the Biblical Queen Esther.

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