Who is “QAnon”, and How Seriously Should We Take Them?

Let’s speak for a moment on the nature of conspiracy theories; a topic that should be covered in depth given the strange shakeups and circumstances that we are experiencing in the nation’s capital.

The way a conspiracy theory works is by reversing the normal flow of thought patterns.  Instead of creating questions > answering questions > coming to conclusions, conspiracy theories operate like this:

Determine conclusion > create questions that will lead to conclusion > ask questions open-endedly on Reddit or YouTube.

That’s not to say that there isn’t value in these sorts of exercises, but we mustn’t confuse exercise for reality, especially as our nation and the globe around it hurtle perilously toward a major conflict.

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Earlier this morning, President Donald Trump let out a tweet that had Americans everywhere gasping, telling Russia outright the he was about to test their rocket defense claims in Syria.


That’s some stone cold, Clint Eastwood-level shade being thrown at the 4-time “President” of Russia.

But, if you believe in what is called “The Storm” conspiracy, all of these moves are heavily telegraphed as a distraction from the true nature of the Trump presidency:  Exposing the globalist Deep State in Washington D.C. and beyond through the clandestine investigations moving along under the radar of the White House.

Enter QAnon – an anonymous 4Chan user, or users, who have been asking a number of leading questions in a very public forum…all leading back to a big, terrifying picture.

Wel, maybe.  QAnon has long been accused of being a LARP, or “live action role play”, where a very, very bored internet user works the 4Chan political crowd like a phony, cold-reading “psychic”, asking just enough questions to get the audience to do the work for him.

The most prevalent theory among those who “believe in QAnon” is that the poster my actually be a member of the President’s immediate entourage – Dan Scavino.

Of course, we must remind you that this is all speculation.

Even more bizarre is the basic gist of the QAnon story, colloquially titled “The Calm Before The Storm”.  In the tale, the purpose of the Trump presidency is to expose a high level ring of evil and debauchery at the heart of world governments using the Robert Mueller investigation as a ruse to keep the attention off of an inordinate number of sealed indictments in Washington D.C.

The internet has been buzzing with rumors that high level VIP members of the Deep State (aka Cabal/Illuminati/Global Elite) are being detained for human rights abuses and corruption, and are being taken by U.S. Special Forces to military prison at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base (Gitmo) as a result of thousands of sealed indictments. Multiple sources have been reporting on some of the key VIP figures taken there.

While these are still only rumors, recent events point to their plausibility.  If accurate, these secret investigations, arrests and extractions to Gitmo where they face extended detention and military justice has enormous political implications, and makes possible the release of suppressed information previously withheld by the Deep State.

So, is there anything to this QAnon businesses?  Probably not, but the fact that the mainstream media is spending a whole lot of time debunking and ignoring the theory, which is prevalent on Twitter and Reddit, is intriguing to say the least.

Given the fecal matter-to-fan ration that we’ve seen already this week, I expect that we’ll know for sure about QAnon sometime in the next few days.

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