Putin’s Latest “War-Ready” Project Packs A Hypersonic Punch

There is a newfound tension gripping the globe in recent weeks, and there looks to be no letting up for the holiday season either.

Venezuela is crumbling under its socialist disaster.  North Korea is openly firing upon its own parasite-riddled citizens who are attempting to escape.  China is building secret military installations on the shores of artificial islands in disputed ocean.  The radical leftist neo-Fascists of America are committing cultural and societal atrocities by the handful.

Now, to add to all of that jumbled mess of worry and cosmic concern, Vladimir Putin just unveiled one of Russia’s newest weapons:  A hypersonic missile that is ready to strike anywhere on the planet “as of today”.

“Vladimir Putin’s defence bosses confirmed ‘as of today’ its military has weapons which we can supposedly fly up to eight times of the speed of sound.

“Head of the defence council Viktor Bondarev confirmed the Zircon cruise missile is now available in Russia’s arsenal while speaking on Tuesday.

“The weapon – which Russia boasts is capable of Mach 8 – was last tested back in June.

“Hypersonic weapons are the at the centre of the next arms race between the US, China and Russia.

“And it appears Moscow have taken an early lead as they boast the weapons can beat NATO missile interceptors.”

Talk of the Zircon missile has been around for years, but much of its deafening capabilities were considered pure conjecture when Russia first announced them.

Now, however, the globe is being forced to take the threat much more seriously, especially given the antagonistic stance that the Kremlin has taken in regard to recent world events.  Putin and the Russian military have long been exuding a reactive and unkempt attitude toward the United States, threatening the most powerful nation in the world against using force in Syria or North Korea, the latter of which has made a number of direct threats against America and its people.

This new arms race could very well send U.S. President Donald Trump storming into his military leaders’ offices demanding a show of force that could keep Putin at bay.

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