Purported Civil Rights Leader Hurls Racist Insults at President Trump

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The radical left has been hard at work in recent months attempting to paint our President as some sort of supreme bigot.

This abhorrent campaign of lies began early in the 2016 presidential campaign, shortly after then-candidate Donald Trump began promising America that he would utilize a “big, beautiful wall” in securing our southern border.  The left immediately, and bizarrely, jumped to the conclusion that Trump was simply looking to bolster national security on account of his supposed hatred of foreigners.  While this assertion is asinine on a thousand separate levels, one needn’t look much further than the President’s wife to find their diatribe debunked.

Still, the insults kept coming, and coming fast from the liberal lawmakers looking to delegitimize Trump, even long after he was administered the oath of office.

Now, even democratic civil rights leaders are getting in on the act, misappropriating their own clout and petrifying their own pedigree to get a few cheap shots in at the President’s expense.

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Representative John Lewis is just such an agitator, making inflammatory statements about the President at the Congressional Black Caucus Town Hall Meeting.

“‘When we had this most recent election, it helped create the climate and environment to bring out something that had been a little asleep, and people feel like now they can just get away with doing everything.’

“‘What happened in Virginia made me very sad. We faced mobs, we faced the Klan, we faced overt, open racism during the ’60s.’

“‘During the freedom rides in 1961, black people and white people couldn’t be seated together on a Greyhound bus, leaving Washington, D.C. to travel through the South. We were beaten, attempted to burn us on the bus, we were left bloody and unconscious by angry mobs. When we attempted to march from Selma to Montgomery just for the right to vote, to protest in a peaceful, orderly, non-violent fashion, we were beaten by the state police and left bloody and some unconscious, and some of our people died. After the march on Washington in 1963, there was so much hope and optimism, but 18 days later, a church was bombed in Birmingham, where four little girls were killed on a Sunday morning. What we see happening now, it’s not new.  The man that some people voted for just made it very comfortable for people to put on those hoods, put on those sheets, and I tell you, if we’re not mindful or watchful, we are going to go back.'”

This new form of bigotry, reactive racism, is sweeping the liberal ranks during the Trump administration, and is a caricature of the bigots in robes themselves.

When John Lewis and others demand that we refer to the President as a “racist”, they are simply regurgitating the discriminatory rhetoric of those who they claim to fight against.  Rather than understanding the President’s actions and policies, they rely on name-calling, segregation, and branding him a “racist” as if the term itself was their new N-word.



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