Punishment At UH Gives Us A Glimpse of the Future

There is no doubt that every generation looks down its nose at the next generation.  They believe they have no clue and are moving away from the moors of their society.  I try to remember that as I deal with twenty-somethings.  I was once them.

But, there are times that this judgment is valid.  There are times that the actions of the educated, leaders of the next generation show that their values are not the values of the past.  Such a time has come in the case of school body government at the University of Huston.

Fox reports

a student at the university who was suspended for 50 days by the student government association and ordered to attend diversity training over a reference she made about the Black Lives Matter crowd. (She can still go to class but she can’t participate in student government activities.)

“#ForgetBlackLivesMatter; more like AllLivesMatter,” wrote Rohini Sethi, the vice president of the school’s student government association.

There was much made of these comments.  It is not that the people did not believe that “all lives” did in fact matter.  No, the issue is that this young lady did not feel as if black lives mattered more than others.

Fox continued

They were among several predominantly African-American groups who demanded that Ms. Sethi be punished for exercising her First Amendment rights.

“For her to say on her social media ‘forget black lives matter,’ it’s almost as if to say if all of us were to die tomorrow, she wouldn’t care,” BSU president Kadidja Kone told the Washington Post.

Sethi has submitted to the punishment.  She has chosen not to fight this even though she has good reason to do just that.  And the reason is the public humiliation she has suffered has probably been enough.  And that is exactly what these bullies are counting on happening.

And this type of treatment for dissenters can be expected in the future.  But then, the power these bullies will possess will be much more dangerous.

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