Punishment Revealed for Statue Thugs…You Are NOT Going to Like It

The hysteria surrounding America’s Civil War monuments has quieted down a bit in the last few weeks, but not before taking its toll on our shared history.

In the wake of the events of Charlottesville, Virginia, where three Americans were killed during a weekend of mayhem stemming from a rally to save a Confederate monument in the city, our nation found itself in the midst of a revisionist upheaval.  Angry leftists and “social justice warriors” took to the streets of cities around the nation to demand that these dedications erected in the memory of American soldiers be removed for their imaginary ties to white supremacy.

In some cases, cities such as Baltimore worked hastily to remove any such statues in the dead of night, hoping to avoid the violence and chaos spreading to their city via the nationwide Antifa network.  Other cities, such as Durham, North Carolina were not so lucky, as an angry mob of SJW’s literally toppled a statue that they had suddenly found offensive.

Now, a judge has ruled in the case of these vitriolic vandals, and red blooded Americans everywhere are furious.

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“Charges have now been dropped against three of the protesters charged with destroying a Confederate statue that stood in downtown Durham, North Carolina, since 1924, reports say.

“Defense attorney Scott Holmes told the media that the charges were dropped against Aaron Alexander Caldwell, Myles Spigner and Taylor Cook. According to Holmes, prosecutors said probable cause exists in the cases against the three, but not enough evidence exists to prove their actions beyond a shadow of a doubt, WRAL reported.

“The move by prosecutors is the first in the cases against 13 people charged with the August 14 destruction of the 90-year-old statue.

“District Attorney Roger Echols, though, warned that the dismissal of these three cases should not be seen as an indication of what is to come in the other ten cases.”

Of the cases witnessed that involved the defacement of historical monuments, the incident in Durham was one of the most egregious.

An angry mob of radical leftists surrounded the statue, destroyed it by tearing it off its pedestal and onto its face, before immediately reaching for their cell phones to document their part in the hateful crime.  Selfie after selfie was taken in a display that reiterated the true nature of these liberal lunatics:  Self aggrandizing social media posts.

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