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Pundits Agree “Muscular” Trump has America Leading Again

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President Trump has displayed some remarkable leadership in recent weeks, at least according to a couple of pundits from Fox News.

Journalist Chris Wallace, and conservative thinker Charles Krauthammer both explained how Trump’s recent spate of foreign policy decision in Syria, Afghanistan, Russia, and China have all provided evidence that the Obama era is behind us and the Trump era will mean that the USA is once again leading from the front.


“What, less that 100 days into office, we certainly haven’t seen this from Barack Obama, who the Trump administration openly dismisses as paralysis through analysis, and even to some degree, George W. Bush’s administration… This is a surprise to many people in Washington –both supporters and opponents– because, remember, this is a president who talked about not wanting to get involved in foreign entanglements… concentrate on America… not overseas. In a very short period of time, he has gotten very involved in Syria, lots of very forward-leaning threats against North Korea… and this attack against an enemy in Afghanistan that we haven’t seen before.”

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Krauthammer articulated a similar strain of thought when he argued that the President’s recent actions should be seen as a message to the rest of the world – a message that says, “America is back, and we’ll be leading the way.”

Krauthammer: He is talking about our allies, he’s talking about how the world has stripped the middle class of its wealth. And the reason it is a radical departure is because in the inaugural address he defines national interests very narrowly, and here, what we are back to is the traditional American understanding of national interests as a broad definition going all the way back to Harry Truman in which we define our interest as worldwide. Otherwise, what is Syria to us?

Bret Baier: We don’t really know what the Trump Doctrine is, yet, but he is winning, isn’t he?

Krauthammer: Yes, I welcome this. I’m not an America Firster. I thought it was a mistake to enunciate a doctrine in the inaugural address which is we’re coming home. It scared the bee-jeebies out of our allies in NATO when he talked about it being obsolete. In the Middle East, the Gulf Arabs were scared to death. I think this is reassuring that we are returning to the classic American definition where we include our allies and most important we accept world leadership in a way that had not been accepted by Obama and seemed not to be accepted by Trump the candidate. 🇺🇸

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