Public Schools Now Telling Non-Transgender Students to Use “Alternative” Locker Rooms

Remember when liberals first began to push the transgender madness down the throats of conservative Americans everywhere? When conservatives balked, liberals turned to the public school systems to begin forcing our culture to adjust to their new morality.

When our schools began to pass rules and regulations allowing “transgendered” students to use bathrooms, locker rooms, and other single sex facilities with which they were most “comfortable” conservatives argued that instead schools should simply provide “alternative” facilities for transgendered students. Liberal balked at this, saying that alternate facilities would simply make the problem worse as it would “otherize” transgendered students. Apparently, liberals don’t care about otherizing people anymore.

In a recent case from Pennsylvania one school decided to change their facilities policy without informing parents, who only found out after a young boy complained that while he was changing in the locker, a young woman entered and also began undressing. The student quickly dressed and left, and along with a few other students went to complain to the administration who told the students that biological gender “did not matter.”

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Now the student is suing the school district and the school is on the defensive. When contacted for comment they told WND:

On Wednesday, it [the School District] released a statement that the boy in the lawsuit was offered “reasonable and appropriate alternatives when he voiced opposition to changing in a designated male locker room being used by a [female] transgender student.”

The district told WND: “We also discussed those options with his guardians, explaining that at the time we were following the law of the land. Even though the federal government’s position has changed since then, we are now guided by a recent federal court ruling in a Pennsylvania case, and await additional guidance from the state of Pennsylvania.”

The law of the land cited by the school, however, apparently was nothing more than a rule issued by the Obama administration demanding that public schools open their girls’ showers to boys and vice versa.

The order already has been reversed by the Trump administration.

The district, however, made it clear that a student who objects to being exposed to the opposite sex in a state of undress during school physical education functions must be the one responsible for an “alternative arrangement.”

As you can quickly see the District is trying to hide behind the law, but the truth is that following their logic, they were actually in violation of the law!

However, that’s really not the most incredulous part, of this entirely incredulous situation.

The worst part is the school’s excuse that the student was offered “reasonable and appropriate alternatives when he voiced opposition to changing in a designated male locker room being used by a [female] transgender student.” This is exactly the option that conservatives argued (and was already general practice in every public school across the nation) should be used for transgendered students. Think about it. The latest data shows that less than .3% of Americans consider themselves “transgender,” which means that most of our schools may never even have to deal with an issue like this. It makes more sense to ask the .3% of the population to use “appropriate alternative” facilities. Rather than demanding a larger number of students sacrifice their comfort, safety, and privacy by forcing them into a situation that they find unbearable.

The boy’s lawyers wrote in their complaint that, “Minors have a fundamental right to be free from state compelled risk of exposure of their bodies, or their intimate activities. Doe was subjected to harassment because the practice allows biological females to use the boys’ locker rooms and restrooms, which creates a harassing hostile environment specifically on the basis of the sex of the persons involved. Differences in anatomy … do not disappear when biological females self-identify as males, and vice versa.”

The school district seems prepared to fight the lawsuit and whatever happens next could impact children across the nation. Are you ready for what could come next? 🇺🇸

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